Emails and Social Networking Are US Internet Users’ Top Online Activities from Mobile Devices

Social Media Roles Rhonda Adams

There is a clear shift from desktops to mobile devices, as new studies show. A study carried out by The Media Behavior Institute and presented by reveals that the mobile phone is getting more and more users, followed by tablets. Desktops’ popularity drops constantly. 43.5% of the respondents mentioned using mobile phones in the most recent six months period.

Another study by Experian Marketing Services focused on what type of activities are US internet users engaging from their mobile devices and revealed that users spent the most time checking emails. The study analyzed internet activities on mobile versus desktop. People dedicated an average of 14 minutes from an hour to emails, 9 minutes to social networking, 8 to entertaining activities, 6 to shopping and classifieds, also 6 minutes to travel, 5 minutes to business and finance, 4 to lifestyle, 3 to news and media and 5 to other activities.

In what desktop internet time was spent is concerned, people spent more time on social networking (16 minutes per hour), entertainment (9 minutes), shopping (5 minutes), business (3 minutes) and allocated only 3 minutes to emails. It is really interesting to notice that news and media aren’t among internet users top priorities, but that social networking is getting their attention in both environments, placing second in top online activities both on mobile devices and on desktops.

Leading entrepreneur Brandon Webb noted, “During this shift toward the mobile environment, companies and marketers need to adapt their strategies and be proactive. It is important to be where customers are, to know what customers enjoy doing, how they spent their time online to create effective strategies.”

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