Tourism Marketing, Advertising, & Promotion Services

Deadline: January 31, 2023, at 6 p.m. CST.

Proposals must be submitted via email to


The Jefferson County Tourism Commission was formed October, 2020 and is seeking the

Designated Marketing Organization status to become eligible for the State of Missouri’s tourism

grant opportunities. JCTC envisions making Jefferson County the place of choice to dine, explore

and stay in Eastern Missouri. JCTC is here to strengthen and grow Jefferson County’s economy

through travel and tourism which will bring more revenue to the county all while supporting our

local businesses.

Creating value in the local tourism sector of Jefferson County means supporting a wide variety

of community-led investments that enhance our local quality of life. These investments

historically have been made possible due to local chamber fundraising and promotion of events

and revenues generated by the hotel room occupancy tax in the cities of Arnold, Festus, and

Pevely. The room tax is paid by visitors who stay in hotels, motels, and beds in the previously

named cities.

JCTC looks to expand on this availability of funds by tapping into other public & private

resources such as grants, endowments, and contributions. Our intent is to create a virtuous

cycle where growing visitation drives sustainable and resilient economic growth that supports

the County-wide Tourism Program’s various initiatives.


The successful applicant(s) will be expected to complete the following scope of work, including

but not limited to:

I. Develop a strategic marketing plan that includes identification of target markets; specific

strategies with measurable objectives for each target market; and tactics to achieve those objectives.

II. Analyze and recommend specific marketing mediums to include, but not limited to, print design, website content, billboards, videos, photos, etc. Monitor placement to ensure accuracy and completion of all media schedules.

III. Develop strategies that maximize the availability of both public and private funds to establish an on-going marketing program. Program should identify potential marketing and advertising partners to develop tactics for generating new funding opportunities and leverage JCTC funds to extend a comprehensive marketing program for all of Jefferson County.

IV. Develop a comprehensive reporting strategy that will allow JCTC, in a timely manner, to be informed of the successes and failures of the marketing program and corrective action measures to address failures or intensify successes.


The applicant will provide all services necessary to successfully complete the SCOPE OF SERVICES described above. Activities should include, but may not be limited to:

Develop a marketing plan that enables JCTC’s promotion of tourism activities in Jefferson County. Promotion includes strategic messaging to educate visitors on responsible tourism, how visitors can be encouraged to travel during both on & off-peak time periods and be in line with JCTC’s Strategic Plan and the future Comprehensive Plan being created by Jefferson County. The marketing plan will promote, but may not be limited to:

1. Natural resources for biking, hiking, photography, and wildlife viewing.

2. Jefferson County festivals promoted collectively and individually by JCTC, civic organizations, and municipalities.

3. Wineries, breweries, and unique dining establishments.

4. The access, viewing, and activities in and along the Mississippi River.


The applicant will provide all services necessary to successfully complete the SCOPE OF SERVICES described above. Activities should include, but may not be limited to:

Implementation of the Marketing Plan will specify the following issues and provide a cost estimate where appropriate:

1. Specifically outline where marketing efforts will occur

2. What priority/concept will be marketed

3. Identified target market(s)

4. Timing strategies

5. Identify, prioritize, and categorize ALL tourism funding resources

6. Identify the strategy to utilize free advertising, sponsorships, and media partnerships.

7. Leverage existing Civic Tourism Commission resources at Arnold, Festus, and Pevely.

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