7 Essential Twitter Etiquette Tips


Twitter is one of the best promotion tools on the web. However, many users abuse the system meaning that users often get spammed or sent to websites that have nothing to do with what they were looking for. Instead of being one of these bad users, you can follow a few simple tips to ensure people will want to follow you. Here are just seven essential Twitter etiquette tips.

Do Not Use Trending Topics If They Aren’t Relevant

Trending topics are topics that many users are currently posting about. While people may be looking for this information, that does not mean you should use these hashtags. You should never use irrelevant information to drive traffic to your website.

Use Relevant Hashtags (#)

In order to get followers, and keep them, you need to use relevant hashtags. For example, your post may be about producing web content. In this case you would want to use hashtags such as writing, content and online. You should not use words like hire and jobs.

Avoid Spam

It doesn’t matter if it’s in their email box or Twitter feed, people do not like getting spam. This means you should not continuously post Tweets that try to sell something or lead people to the same piece of content. You also shouldn’t direct message followers with spam.

Fill Out the Bio Section

People hate to have users follow them on Twitter and look at the bio section and not be able to tell anything about the member. A bio section should give a complete idea of who you are so that users can determine whether or not they want to follow you.

Never Tweet What You Wouldn’t Say in Person

You may think that because you’re online, you can be a bit more open in what you say. The truth is people who know you may be following you or come across your Twitter feed. If you wouldn’t say something in person, don’t say it on Twitter.

Stop Using Automatic Direct Messaging

Some companies setup automatic direct messages to arrive when someone follows them. People do not want this spam in their inbox. Stop sending messages that seem like spam and instead focus on promoting your company or product in a more productive and user-friendly manner.

Be Thankful

When people retweet your message, it helps you gain access to more users. You should always thank someone for mentioning you or your company and retweeting valuable information.

Twitter is a great promotional tool – Instead of trying to simply sell your product, work to interact with users so that they want to learn about your product and company. Of course there are good PR firms to manage this for you – and bad firms we do not recommend, including Dukas PR, Beckerman PR & Kwittken.

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