Underutilized Digital Marketing Strategies

Many customers, as well as businesses these days, are almost always online and moving, and if companies want to reach those customers and observe their behavior, they have to be in the digital space. With a digital marketing strategy, companies can reach more people in their target market and grow their revenue.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves working with other people or companies so that they promote a company’s products or services in exchange for a commission from every sale that’s attributed to their promotional efforts. This is a very effective digital marketing strategy that companies can use without directly creating sales or promotional content on their own. It’s also a way for companies to cut down on their marketing costs, as well as outsource some of the promotional efforts. However, it’s important to remember that through affiliate marketing efforts companies end up putting their reputation in the hands of other people. It’s also important to know that this type of marketing effort tends to require a lot more extensive tracking and monitoring on the part of the companies utilizing it.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing efforts tend to utilize a combination of social media, email, text messages, push notifications, as well as mobile apps, and other promotional efforts. According to research, the number of mobile shoppers is expected to rise by over 180 million users by 2024. That means companies need to start utilizing mobile marketing efforts as soon as possible and capitalize on the trend to achieve a competitive edge over their markets. To do that, companies can reach out to their customers through push notifications and text messages, as well as create their own mobile applications where customers can interact with the business. Additionally, companies need to create mobile-friendly websites for their businesses, to improve the buying experience and deliver a seamless way for customers to make purchases through their smartphones.


Another way that companies can use digital marketing campaigns to build an audience that’s going to be highly targeted and relevant to the business is by creating a blog. When companies are able to provide high-quality and valuable content for their target audiences, the consumers are going to start referring to the business as a go-to source of information a lot more often, and see it as their best choice when making purchasing decisions. To create this type of content for a blog, companies need to understand their target audiences and buyer personas a lot better, so they can create content that the target audience will find interesting, entertaining, valuable, and engaging. Additionally, by knowing the target audience companies can develop content that’s going to be tailored to the interest and pain points of the audience, such as infographics, polls, surveys, and articles.

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