HubSpot VP of Marketing: Social Media is BS!


Mike Volpe, HubSpot’s VP of marketing, is not afraid to say it as he sees it. Not only that, but he is also taking time to give you the gist free of charge, in a live webinar. The premise of the webinar is simple: the marketing power of social media is exaggerated.

Agree, or disagree, you always have to put things within the proper contest. Mr. Volpe is aware that social media is a powerful tool, but it is still just one of the many gears that you need to make up your marketing machine. But calling it BS?

A brilliant marketing strategy to get your attention, annoy a few powerful social media advocates who will respond in return that Mike Volpe’s statements are exaggerated, without actually paying attention to what he is saying. If you remember my previous editorial on how to manipulate public perception, you’ll understand that in fact, Mr. Volpe’s statements are soft-core. The purpose of the discourse is to remind marketers and business owners that social media is a mere trend, that will eventually make room to something else, and that right now, social media marketing should by just one part of your overall strategy.

Social media is not magic, and fundamental marketing strategies shouldn’t be thrown out the window and replaced by new social media techniques, the webinar’s description reads. Below, the “preview” of the discourse, a short presentation in support of the theory, with strong data and pertinent observations. This Friday’s webinar will go in-depth. Of course, tech-heavy PR firms like Shift Communications may disagree.

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