University of Colorado Issues Advertising PR

System administration, in consultation with campus leadership and shared governance groups, will initiate an internal promotional/marketing campaign to support diversity and inclusion efforts across CU. A team representative of the campuses and system administration will work with campus and system leadership and shared governance groups to develop and execute the promotional campaign, with the target implementation of the beginning for fall semester 2020. We are looking to partner with an agency to help create and execute marketing campaigns to further the university values of respect, tolerance, equity and inclusion and to support one of the Board of Regents’ guiding principles, to “Promote faculty, student, and staff diversity to ensure the rich interchange of ideas in the pursuit of truth and learning, including diversity of political, geographic, cultural, intellectual, and philosophical perspectives.” The campaign’s theme is established and execution will center around a number of notable quotes celebrating various aspects of diversity, respect and tolerance.


The University of Colorado, a system comprised of four research campuses, is seeking proposals from qualified consulting firms to serve as a Consultant to assist it in evaluating its online education offerings and identifying potential strategies for improving its capabilities. The University of Colorado serves the State of Colorado and has influence across the United States. Under the leadership of President Mark Kennedy, the University of Colorado system generates an economic impact in Colorado of more than $12 billion each year. The University of Colorado advances the economy, health, and culture of Colorado and beyond, having graduated 424,000 students who have become leaders in science, business, arts, health, and other disciplines. CU’s four campuses feature top-tier faculty and an environment where student achievement is paramount. The University of Colorado’s four campuses are the University of Colorado Boulder; the University of Colorado Denver; the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus; and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Each campus is led by a Chancellor, has distinct statutory role and mission, and is accredited separately. Diversity is one of the University of Colorado’s core values and guiding principles. CU considers diversity as inclusive of sex, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, veteran status, political affiliation and political philosophy. The Board of Regents has charged President Kennedy with initiating a campaign, in collaboration with campus leadership and shared governance organizations, to promote diversity and inclusion within the university system.

Scope of Work:

Advance the university values of respect, tolerance, inclusion and equity. Clearly articulate university’s commitment to diversity in all its forms, including viewpoint diversity. Establish system wide messages/visuals that connect campuses, system administration and the CU Foundation with common diversity messages.

The successful vendor will work with a team of university staff from across the CU system to conceive and execute an internal promotional campaign around the themes of respect, tolerance, inclusion and equity. It will span CU’s four campuses, system administration and the CU Foundation. Successful vendor will be responsible for collaborating with campus and system leadership and system-wide shared governance groups. Deliverable will include creative concept, related collateral material and recommended communication channels/vehicles. The general theme of the campaign is set and will center around a number of notable quotes celebrating various aspects of diversity, respect and tolerance. Other than meeting with various university groups, qualitative and quantitative research are not necessary. Project will begin in January and develop through the spring and early summer, with launch of campaign coming in early fall 2020.

It is the intent of the University to award one (1) Firm Fixed Price contract under this solicitation. The contract period will begin upon execution of University Contract and terminate 12 months following execution date. The services performed under this award will be governed by the University’s Sample Contract, located under the “Buyer Attachment” section of this solicitation. Bidders must include with their proposal any proposed edits or exceptions to this contract along with a detailed reason for each requested edit. The University will not accept any standalone supplemental agreement(s) from the Bidder and will negotiate in good faith with the awarded supplier on a final contract. The University encourages the Bidder to propose as minimal edits as possible and may use this as an additional means to assist in determining final award. It is expressly understood that the contract resulting from this solicitation shall not grant the Successful Bidder exclusive privilege to furnish the University any or all of the services, which are subject to this contract.

Due Date:

1/15/2020 12:00 PM MST


Relevant agencies include Finn Partners and Ruder Finn.

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