Village of Burns Lake Issues Website And Social Media RFP

Village of Burns Lake Issues Website And Social Media RFP Purpose:

The Village of Burns Lake is looking to engage an experienced website and social media partner to work with staff and community representatives to develop a marketing strategy for the attraction and retention of people to live and work in the Lakes District. The project will include website development, a social media strategy for the Village of Burns Lake, and social media training for Village of Burns Lake employees. Included in the project is funding for the development of four videos (30 seconds to one minute in length)


The Village of Burns Lake is the economic hub for the area known as the Lakes District (estimated population 7,600). The Lakes District includes the Village of Burns Lake and twelve small communities located within the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako, Rural Areas B and E. Six First Nation Bands are located within the Lakes District. population 900) and the Burns Lake Band (estimated population 60).

Scope of Work:

a. Strategic Planning and Web copy Phase
i. Consultant will meet with community stakeholders in Burns Lake, to determine assets to be highlighted and to ensure wording on the website will describe the benefits and opportunities in the Lakes District.

b. Wireframe Mockup
i. A very basic mockup to be shown to stakeholders to ensure content flow, and images to be used, are aligned with project goals.
ii. Council, staff and stakeholders will be provided a single opportunity to provide feedback.

c. Graphic Design and Customization of Template to Work Press
i. Once the mockup is approved the consultant will customize a WordPress template and add graphic design elements using Village of Burns Lake logo and colour palettes.

d. Website Development
i. Consultant will then add content to the template using the most update options for enhancing the experience for the user. The consultant will be responsible to ensure the product is bug-free and compatible on different devices that will be used to access the website.
ii. The consultant will use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to improve traffic to the website.

e. Creation of a Marketing Strategy
i. Complete an inventory of current marketing tools for the Lakes District. This inventory will be combined with what was learned through the community stakeholder meeting and online solicitation for community ideas to build the strategy. The consultant will recommend social media channels that will be most effective for the Village of Burns Lake to maintain.
ii. Development of a detailed social media roadmap for the next 6 months.
iii. Development of a social media roadmap overview for the 7 to 12 month period. This will be less detailed than the roadmap for the first six months.
iv. Clean-up of current Village of Burns Lake social media platforms.
v. Train Village of Burns Lake employees (maximum of 5) on current best social media practices and efficient ways use social media channels to reach larger numbers.
vi. One year of social media maintenance is to be included.
vii. Face to face meeting to present the roadmap to Council.

f. Creation of Attraction and Retention Videos
i. Creation of four videos, thirty seconds to one minute in length. Two videos in summer/fall and two in winter/spring.
ii. The Village of Burns Lake is in the process of working with several large employers in the community who are looking to produce employee attraction videos. We will work together so as not to produce the same videos. Because we are in the beginning stages, we are unsure of the exact sectors to interview. For example, we may interview an entrepreneur, a younger resident who grew up here, left and returned, a trade person, or a tourism provider as part of this project. The final list will be determined after further consultation with other organizations.
iii. There are numerous high quality still shots of the Lakes District that could be incorporated into the videos (website and social media), Village of Burns Lake staff will secure relevant photos as required.
iv. Finished and unedited footage will be the property of the Village of Burns Lake.

Due Date:
August 3, 2017.


Shift Communications was recently bought by a Canadian holding company.

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