Viralheat Launches Free Comprehensive Social Media Management Platform

viralheatViralheat will now offer Viralheat Free, a comprehensive free social media service featuring all-in-one account management, publishing and engagement across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Instead of paying for an enterprise solution or use a combination of free and/or paid solutions to perform these tasks, Viralheat customers can manage everything for free in one easy to use interface. Viralheat’s unique unifying approach also promises scalability, making it easy for users to receive the greatest value from social media as needs and budgets evolve.

Marla Schulman, founder of Dvin/Ideas is among the 3,000 brands and social media experts that monitor more than 10,000 trends and competitors. The company launched recently a small cable network’s television show, and credited Viralheat with helping them drive 25,000 impressions on premiere night.

Viralheat Free is available for managing up to seven Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and comprises the following features:

  • Simple online user interface – Users enjoy easy access and management of all Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts from a single online interface.
  • Account analytics – Mentions and engagement analytics can be analyzed in real-time and exported to Excel.
  • Scheduled publishing with time zone support – Schedule unlimited social media updates with the ability to choose any date and specific time and time zone.
  • URL shortening – Automatically generate links.
  • Geotargeted publishing – Specify Facebook updates according to city, state, country or region.
  • Post Preview – Quickly review and adjust image and text before posting.
  • Rich media uploads – Preview and edit video and images with accompanying text before publishing.

Raj Kadam, CEO and co-founder of Viralheat stated that despite the dozens of solutions available for social media management and intelligence, users are still forced to either pay a lot of money for an enterprise solution. But from now on, any Viralheat user can manage up to seven Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts in one, all for free. This beats Hootsuite, doesn’t it?

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