Webinar: How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls with Your PR Initiatives

How to avoid PR Pitfalls everything-prPR News starts off the year with a new webinar, How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls with Your PR Initiatives, which will tackle the potential legal issues related to PR initiatives, with a focus on what communicating in the social media world implies. The number of PR pros integrating social media activities in their daily practice grows exponentially and information flows freely and extremely fast through numerous digital media channels, exposing practitioners to legal risks for their agencies, clients and organizations.

The How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls with Your PR Initiatives webinar will explore all potential risk on Thursday, January 13, from 1:30-3 p.m. ET, showing PR practitioners how to anticipate legal pitfalls and minimize and prevent legal action stemming from your PR initiatives.


The PR News Webinar will teach attendees:

  • How to avoid damaging FTC actions involving social media
  • How to implement sound internal digital policies that will help protect your organization against liability
  • Key points of the recently revised FTC Green Guidelines
  • The point at which questionable PR ethics become legal problems
  • Trademark and copyright laws that could come back to bite you
  • Upcoming regulations that will affect communications professionals
  • Best legal practices when hiring outside communication contractors
  • When it’s right to contact legal to help craft messages during a crisis

How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls with Your PR Initiatives will train communications experts how to  think like a lawyer as they navigate can and can’t be done on digital channels. It will feature speakers that know the PR trade and also know how to effectively deal with potentially damaging legal issues:

  • Allison Fitzpatrick, Partner – Davis & Gilbert LLP
  • Richard Levick, President & CEO – Levick Strategic Communications
  • Thomas J. Hoehn, Director, Interactive Marketing and Convergence Media, Kodak

PR News’ Scott Van Camp will be the webinar moderator. To register, please visit the web event page here.

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