Westport Seeks Tourism Marketing Agency


The City of Westport is requesting proposals from qualified firms to monitor and update the City’s tourism website: experiencewestport.com, content creation, marketing, and the monthly management of Westport’s social media channels.


The City of Westport is located in an area referred to as the South Beach. The South Beach is a small area in Southwestern Washington located at the southern tip of Grays Harbor, on the southernmost peninsula known as Point Chehalis. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, which meets the Chehalis River from the north and east to form Grays Harbor. The geographic location is approximately sixty-five miles west of Olympia, and is more closely neighbored by Aberdeen/Hoquiam twenty-five miles to the east, and Grayland and Tokeland three to twelve miles to the south.

Scope of Work:

The purpose of this project is to create brand awareness for Westport, inspire overnight visitors, and keep Westport top-of-mind. The following is a list of the scope of work:

                · Comprehensive marketing plan for 2020

                · Website maintenance and updates

                · SEM and SEO

                · Social media management

                · Design and creative

                · Content creation for photo, video, blogs, and vlogs

                · Account management

                · Media planning and budgeting

                · Media invoice auditing and reconciliation


This describes the tasks that the consultant or consultant team is expected to perform. Where the scope of tasks calls for a public review of a work product by the City of Westport LTAC, the City Council and/or other stakeholders, the consultant is to submit the work product at least twenty (20) working days before the meeting, unless otherwise specified.

                A. Focus Group Discussion. The consultant, the City Council and the City of Westport LTAC will   together identify the priorities, community values andvisions, opportunities, and issues.

                B. Development of the Draft Plan. The plan will consist of several portions including:

                                1. Marketing recommendations.

                                2. Implementation strategies including budgeted costs of each recommendation, any possible outside of the City funding sources for each recommendation, responsible party to be charged with carrying out the recommendation, and step-by-step instructions for the implementation of each recommendation. A return on investment measurement should be identified for each strategy.

                                C. The selected consultant will present the Draft Plan to the City of Westport LTAC and City Council at a public workshop outlining each recommendation and rationale and will work with the City to refine and reach agreement on the marketing campaign and implementation.

                                D. The consultant will present the final plan to the City of Westport LTAC and be available to answer any questions.

Due Date:

October 21, 2019


Margo Tackett


604 N. Montesano Street

PO Box 505

Westport, WA 98595

(360) 268-0131

Fax: (360) 268-0921

Email: clerk_treasurer@ci.westport.wa.us

Relevant agencies include 5WPR and Hunter PR. 

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