Why Every PR Professional Should be at the PRSA International Conference

The annual extravaganza for public relations professionals hosted by the Public Relations Society of America is set to be held in San Francisco in October of this year, presenting a host of opportunities for the people behind a plethora of different brands and firms around the country and around the world. Following up on a hugely successful event, PRSA promises to be a one-stop wealth of information with opportunities for learning, growing and networking for people in the public relations industry.

If you’re considering attending and need something to put you over the edge, check out these excellent draws that will be sure to entice you to attend the PRSA International Conference!

1. Re-familiarize yourself with the current state of the PR industry

Like everything else in business, the public relations sector is an every-changing animal, presenting new opportunities and new challenges on a regular basis. At PRSA you can mingle with fellow PR professionals and get inside information from the people most familiar with the current state of all facets of the public relations landscape. There is simply no better way to take the pulse of the public relations industry than by immersing yourself in the PRSA International Conference..

2. Be a part of the evolution of public relations

One of the fastest growing and changing industries known to the modern professional, the state of public relations is ever-dependent on the audiences you are trying to reach and never have audiences been as difficult to capture as they are today. By attending PRSA, you join hundreds of the best of your colleagues in planning for the future and shaping the way that the industry unfolds over the next year, giving you an added edge that you can take back to work.

3. A focus on immediate solutions with measurable results

The most important aspect of PRSA is the sharing of strategies between professionals in the interest of having all walk away with new ideas and new strategies. This real life approach helps to foster a hugely positive and invigorating atmosphere, giving you renewed passion as you carry forward with your professional ambition into 2013

4. Network with the best of your colleagues

The PRSA International Conference draws the very best and brightest minds in public relations from around the United States and around the world, giving you the opportunity to learn and share your own knowledge alike. Keep your business cards handy; there is no better opportunity to grow your list of potential clients and partners.

5. Learn new cost-cutting strategies

Cutting your overhead costs is always a priority, but never more so than in today’s uncertain business climate. PRSA will feature workshops and lectures aimed at helping you make the most of your current clientele by offering ideas and strategies to lower costs in all facets of your work. Some of the brightest minds in public relations and client and business management will be offering workshops and lectures to not only share ideas but to help you build realistic, long-term strategies to improve your bottom line from the moment you implement them.

6. San Francisco, California

Every well-trained professional knows that there has to be a healthy balance between work and play and there is no better backdrop for PRSA than beautiful San Francisco, California. The PRSA International Conference will give you the opportunity to excel not only professionally, but on a more personal level as well. With beautiful beaches and sight-seeing to take advantage of by day and an exciting nightlife awaiting in the evening, the city of San Francisco helps to create the perfect blend of professionalism and relaxation.

Traveling and Accommodation Tips:

  • Getting there: Here’s the official site of San Francisco International Airport for driving directions, car rentals and other ground transportation information;
  • Living there: Check out this site for affordable hotels in San Francisco
  • Moving around: Choose a few useful phone apps for traveling around the city here

The main goal of the Public Relations Society of America International Conference is helping public relations professionals prepare for and conquer the future by keeping up with the latest trends and changes in the industry. The target audiences of any campaign are constantly evolving and PRSA aims to help you to evolve along with them by giving you the tools and knowledge necessary to make the most of your opportunities, today and tomorrow.

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