Cole Ablow, 17, of Newbury, Massachusetts has launched his own brand of clothing, WR3CKL3SS WORLDWIDE (www.wr3ckl3ssworldwide.com). Sporting a crowned cobra as its logo, Ablow says WR3CKL3SS was launched to deliver the message that today’s youth has the courage and charisma to build a bold, new culture, without laying waste to the wisdom of earlier generations. 

“I want my brand to stand for taking a stand, without picking up a sledgehammer,” Ablow said.  “Really good ideas change the world without destroying it.”

Meeting Cole Ablow can convince you his brand might just make it.  Once he gets started talking about WR3CKL3SS, his energy level skyrockets. 
“This is all about creativity,” he said.  “It’s about unleashing energy from anyone ready to make something happen.  If I sell a million units, great.  If I sell a thousand, no worries.  Because those thousand people will be wearing something that makes them feel like they’re at the top of their game.” 
The first supply of WR3CKL3SS WORLDWIDE apparel recently dropped.  It includes short and long-sleeved tee shirts, hats and hoodies, in colors including camo, neon orange, aquatic blue and blue camo. Most popular to date-the WR3CKL3SS classic logo tee shirt, with WR3CKLESS WORLDWIDE logo, complete with crowned cobra, along the neckline.  

Ablow plans other merchandise including belts, footwear, sweatpants, jeans and jackets.  He’s also in the process of creating one-of-a-kind, handmade tee shirts which will be available through www.wr3ckl3ssworldwide.com.
For now, the apparel is available only online, but Ablow has longer-term plans to distribute the merchandise through retailers or stand-alone stores.  He’s shooting a promotional video to add to his website and hoping to reach deals with social media influencers and celebrities.
“I’m young,” Ablow said, “so I can afford to grow this brand over time and make sure it stands the test of time.  This isn’t about one and done.”
Ablow has had advice from a few CEOs in the fashion industry.  “I was lucky to meet mentors in the fashion industry who may join my Advisory Board in the future,” Ablow said.  “For now, I’m staying in contact with them and tapping into some pretty amazing advice.  And, no, I can ‘t say who they are.”

Ablow is inviting collaborations with other designers.  What’s the dream?  “Okay, look, if I could wish for anything, I’d grow this company with Kanye West.  Right?  I mean, you asked.”

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