The Town of Newtown is seeking to obtain the services of a qualified firm to provide branding/marketing and website/social media implementation services to the Town of Newtown. The selected firm will be working in close collaboration with, and in support of, the Economic and Community Development Department and Economic Development Commission in development of the Newtown brand as it relates to the department and commission. It is the intent of the Town to establish a contract with a single firm.


Newtown is a growing and lively part of Fairfield County while maintaining its “small town charm.” The fifth largest town in the state, Newtown was established in 1711 and is comprised of the Borough, Sandy Hook, Hawleyville, Botsford, and Dodgingtown, as well as Fairfield Hills, a unique town-owned property. Located on major highways between New York City and Boston, Newtown offers a convenient location for both living and working. The scenic foliage of autumn and the lush greenery of spring are just some of what the town’s picturesque countryside provides.

With many lively events and a diverse food scene, Newtown attracts a variety of visitors. Local businesses add to the nostalgic feel while the rich cultural scene is host to various artists, writers, and musicians.

The business atmosphere is thriving and supported by locals and tourists alike. From our quintessential and nationally acclaimed Ferris Acres Creamery (Ranked in the top 30 ice cream shops in America) to our town hall turned theater, Edmond Town Hall to our gorgeous hiking trails, Newtown has something for everyone.

The Economic and Community Development office provides assistance for economic development activities including business retention, expansion and attraction, marketing Newtown for economic growth, maintenance of local development statistics, economic data and demographic trends and management of community development.

The Economic and Community Development Department seeks to engage a marketing firm to assist with the aspects of this project defined in the “Scope of Work”. The selected organization will work collaboratively with the Economic and Community Development Department and Economic Development Commission in the development of its brand.

Scope of Work:

The purpose of this initiative is to

1) Differentiate Newtown from other surrounding communities in the region by developing a brand which may be used to market Newtown to prospective businesses, developers, residents, and visitors. The chosen firm shall provide market research to determine the view of the Town in neighboring communities and beyond. The agency must create an image for Newtown that can easily be utilized across numerous medium including signage, social media marketing and websites.

In general, the scope of work shall include all activities deemed essential by the Town to support its branding initiative. The selected firm will be expected to work closely with Town staff, commission members and other interested parties designated by the Town.

Services should include the following:

·         Research – This will be the basis for the development of our brand concept. The firm will:

                                o Identify key elements and assets of the Town of Newtown

                                o Analyze and recommend necessary changes to existing efforts, including logos, tag lines, and creative designs.

                                o Analyze marketing strategies of neighboring communities.

                                o Develop KPIs to determine the effectiveness of this branding effort.

·         Create the brand identity including tagline, naming, logo design and brand identity adaptable for use in business, residential and visitor attraction.

2) Analyze the effectiveness of existing economic and community development related websites and social media, recommend and implement design recommendations for a more user friendly and engaging experience.

Due Date:

June 29


Agencies with relevant experience includes MWWPR and KCSA Communications.

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