Ernest Borgnine, Morgan Freeman, and All Stars of Red

Much to the glee of late nite TV fans, two of Hollywood’s most talented film actors appeared on SNL in yet another episode of “What’s Up With That?” Morgan Freeman and Ernest Borgnine subjected themselves to Keenan Thompson’s buffoonery, all for the sake of promoting the October 15th release of their new film Red. Looking at the trailers and reviews of the film though, the spy spoof looks worth the price – of admission and promotion.

What the heck kind of movie has a case like Reds? Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Richard Dreyfus, and the aforementioned Borgnine-Freeman duo? Well, an action packed and extremely whacky one in this case. A somewhat aged bunch of retired CIA operatives gone ballistic makes for a decent backdrop – add special effects, and familiar faces – presto! That’s entertainment.

If you amble over to the Red Facebook pages, you can get more info or play the Red Challenge game – snatch up some movie stills like the one below – or view other trailers like the video from Youtube at the bottom. All the hype, the stars, the guns and explosions tough, cannot compare really to the one exclusive thing Red has – 93 year old Ernest Borgnine.

The movie Red

Malkovich, Freeman, and Willis

Not listed in the major credits, just seening the legendary Hollywood and TV icon should be enough to inspire movie goers. Borgnine’s Wikipedia explains a little of why. 1955 to 2009, Ernest has pretty much done it all – check it out.

We leave you with one of the trailers, and Everything PR News’ recommendation on Red – a must see actually – even if for just the star power.

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  1. Paul says

    Borgnine is from the days when stars portrayed real emotions onscreen. His face conveys more in 10 seconds than most so-called actors can convey in an entire movie.

    • Phil Butler says

      Hey Paul, Spot on. When we were kids we took these things for granted, now that you mention it :) Acting these days is as much about walking around the special effects without getting hurt.


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