Kim K Goes Back to What Made Her Famous

Kim K goes back to what made her famous

As a fashion statement, nudity has a long somewhat maligned history. It’s become cliche for celebs whose stars have dimmed a bit to bare a bit more in order to get back into the national conversation. But, in some cases, fame came because of showing some skin. In that case, maybe giving the audience a […]

Virginia Issues Branding & Marketing RFP

Virginia Issues Branding & Marketing RFP

The Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (DSBSD) has issued an RFP seeking a branding and marketing agency. The Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity is a newly formed agency, established by Virginia Code § 2.2-1603.

Making Biotech Advances Known

Making Biotech advances known

Biotech may seem highly technical to everyone outside of the field, and in fact, it may be exactly that. But even highly technical things can become understandable when discussed in the right way. Advances in biotech often happen in minute adjustments, so it seems pointless to keep the public informed about every little thing. But […]

Maldives Is Seeking Australian PR Agency

Maldives Is Seeking An Australian PR Agency

MMPRC, the national tourism office of Maldives is seeking a PR firm for the Australia region.  MMPRC is responsible for carrying out promotional activities to become the most preferred island destination of the world under the slogan of Maldives . . . the sunny side of life; whilst adhering to its mission to promote quality […]

Town of High River, Alberta, Canada Seeking PR Firm

High River, Alberta, Canada

The Town of High River, Alberta – in Canada – is inviting proposals from public relations and marketing firms to provide Marketing and Communications services. High River is a people-first community on the Highwood River and is heavily invested in creating an Economic Development Strategy.  They want to partner with communications experts to raise the […]