American PR Has a lot to Learn from the Russians

Russia Putin America Obama

Old rivalries die hard, and Russian-American propaganda rivalries stretch as far back as the beginning of the Soviet Union. In 2015, that rivalry still exists, and an increase in tensions between the two nations has sparked a rise in PR and propaganda from both sides. Russian propaganda has proven more effective in the 21st century […]

The Knickerbocker Suite Show Coming To NYC

Knickerbocker Suite Show

Manhattan Youth Ballet and Manhattan Movement & Arts Center are presenting The Knickerbocker Suite from December 11-13, 2014 and December 18-20, 2015 at the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, 248 West 60th Street, NYC (between Amsterdam and West End Avenues) in the Lincoln Center area. The Knickerbocker Suite features New York City landmarks, such as The […]

Public Relations Firms In Nigeria, Africa Ain’t Being Paid

Nigeria PR Firm everything-pr

Nigerian PR firms are suffering, and there are a number of reasons why. One leading Nigerian PR firm, BlackHouse Media is reported late in their staff payments for the first time in years. And this is not even a faltering agency. BlackHouse Media, a member of BHM Groups, works for two multi-national firms, it has […]

Forgive Justine Sacco: Let The PR Pro Move On… 

Justine Sacco

It has been almost two years since Justine Sacco famously sent a terrible, hateful tweet as she was jumping on a plane for the second leg of her journey to enjoy the holidays with family in South Africa. What Sacco said, was taken literally and by the time her plane landed in South Africa, she had […]

MDC Partners Trying to Repair the Damage

MDC Partners Repairs Damage

MDC Partners has had its problems. Its shares dropped dramatically this past April after news that the SEC was launching an investigation into the CEO of MDC Partners Miles Nadal. Then shares plummeted after receiving a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC requested documents “relating to CEO expenses, the company’s goodwill and other […]

Worst Companies to do PR For

Worst Companies to do PR for

Public relations crises and scandals are and will remain plentiful. Let’s review which major companies are the worst to fear in 2015’s world of PR. Security Hacks have been big this year, so have some sexual issues, sports scandals, and good old fashioned lies have made a big showing too. Then of course there are […]