Body wars build on mannequin battle

Body wars build on mannequin battle

There’s a shift happening in fashion PR, and it’s being built on a groundswell of strong consumer support. Beauty ideals are changing, and consumers are demanding more from designers. Some designers are listening … but the industry as a whole is struggling to keep pace.

Delta Airline Apologies Not Accepted

Delta Airline Apologies Not Accepted

Delta Airlines jets are taking off again after computer outages left customers stranded. However, after Delta apologized to the public, apologies were not accepted due to their untruthful reason given to explain their computers shutting down. Delta airlines blamed the problem on a power failure. Experts say the exact problem was unknown, but the computer […]

Is Social Media Always Necessary for PR?

Is Social Media Always Necessary for PR

Social media increasingly plays a strategic role in not just marketing, but public relations as well. In today’s digital world, it’s virtually impossible to reach customers, get the word out, and maintain a youthful image without social media. Everyone’s online — young and old — though different demographics gravitate towards different social media platforms.

SeaWorld Can’t Seem to Recover

SeaWorld Can’t Seem to Recover

When Blackfish exploded onto the scene, some people said it was the beginning of the end for SeaWorld Adventure Parks. Others said, no way, they can ride this storm of bad publicity out until it passes. It’s possible they were both right. SeaWorld is managing to make it through, but it still may not be […]

Fox Winning The Trump Sweepstakes

Fox Winning The Trump sweepstakes

Like him or not, Donald Trump is brilliantly utilizing media and Public Relations in trying to pave his path to the White House. Spending much less than even some of the also-rans, Trump is nearly even with Clinton in the polls and on the tip of just about everyone’s tongue. He’s been so masterful in […]

The Power of PR for Budding Professionals

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The University of Southern Mississippi published a press release this week praising a student for landing an internship at Weber Shandwick. As the second largest PR firm in the world, Weber Shandwick provides graduate student D’Anthony Jackson, with the opportunity of a lifetime. Though the college fully credits D’Anthony for seeking out the opportunity, it […]

Chris Burch: Entrepreneurial And Marketing Legend

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Chris Burch is one of those rare breed people you hear stories about, starting his $1 billion-plus empire in his early college years when he and his brother would buy $10 girl’s preppy sweaters and then sell them door-to-door at Ithaca College for $15 each. His daytime job now is CEO and founder of Burch […]