The Modern History of PR

history public relations

Many decades ago a gentleman by the name of Edward Bernays became familiar with the tactics used by the Nazi Party in Germany convincing their youth and others that they were the superior race. They accomplished that with “propaganda” messages and other methods. Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, brought that information with him to […]

Aussie government apologizes for smearing charity

australian government public relations

The Australian government is offering its most sincere “sorry, mate” to Save the Children Australia for a completely erroneous report that claimed the charity was “inciting asylum seekers to self-harm.” The government offered to settle with an undisclosed cash payment for damages incurred to the charity. There have been a series of terrible events surrounding […]

Preparing for Change in PR

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Yet, few people heed his advice. Employees and management alike often view drills and preparedness plans as a nuisance – just wasting time on situations that may never happen. So why bother if these events are so unlikely? What are odds of […]

Sports PR: The Rise of Women and the Struggles they Face

movement public relations

The feminist movement recently received a lot of criticism for veering off its traditional path. Many people – even other women – believe feminism and women’s rights should focus on more traditional and universal issues like equal pay; and ignore other issues, like the harassment women face on the streets or at their jobs. However, […]

Top American Public Relations Firm Rankings Released

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Celebrating its 30th year in existence, O’Dwyer’s has made a name for itself as a go to Public Relations news site (and magazine). Today, they released their annual list of Worldwide Fees of Top PR Firms With Major U.S. Operations. The firms mentioned in the list were compiled based on whether or not they met […]

What’s Happening with BGR, APCO, Mercury PR, and SKDK


APCO Worldwide APCO is still gung-ho on playing ball with China, who has recently been cracking down on non-Chinese tech companies with holdings there. Per Bloomberg: “Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo are among the world’s top makers of computing hardware and telecom networking equipment. President Xi Jinping’s government can afford to phase out its use of […]

The Role of PR in the Quest to Save Puerto Rico from Debt

puerto rico debt public relations crisis

For the past ten years, Puerto Rico has struggled to climb out of a deep depression. So now Congress wants to create a safe route out for this American territory. Many investors in Puerto Rico are fighting the bill offering protection from creditors, bringing in lobbyists, and PR firms including SKD Knickerbocker, DCI, Mercury Public […]

Miranda Kerr Nude Shot Too Much for Aussies

Miranda Kerr

It’s a weird time to be naked in print. For countless decades leading up to this one, appearing nude was a tried and true way to get immediate publicity. Even if prudes universally railed against your libertine thinking, you still enjoyed major PR pop. In fact, one certain family has been plying this particular “trade” […]

Men’s Wearhouse vs. Banks: Merger Doomed From the Start

Men’s Wearhouse

He might not be the spokesman for the brand he created, but Men’s Wearhouse founder George Zimmer still had plenty to say about the proposed merger between MW and competitor Jos. A Banks. “It was ill-fated,” Zimmer told Bloomberg TV, “I recommended they not make the acquisition.” Apparently, when MW was done letting Zimmer pitch […]