Black Listed: The Daily Mail banned from Wikipedia

Black Listed The Daily Mail banned from Wikipedia

When people want a go-to example of an unreliable source, Wikipedia is near the top of the list. It’s ironic since a lot of what’s on Wikipedia is heavily annotated and well researched. Also, incorrect information can be challenged and changed when better information is available. Sure, it’s not usable for academic research, but it should […]

PR News From Cone Communications, FleishmanHillard, Timberland, and Feintuch Communications

Cone Communications Now Under Porter Novelli

Cone Communications Now Under Porter Novelli Both Cone Communications and Porter Novelli are Omnicom Group entities, but Omnicom just moved Cone, so they will report through PN. The brands will remain separate and distinct, and leadership remains the same with the exception that Cone’s CEO, Bill Fleishman, now reports to PN’s chief executive, Brad MacAfee. […]

Clergy abuse victim advocate steps aside

Clergy abuse victim advocate steps aside

The allegations rocked the very foundations of one of the world’s largest religions. Catholic clergy were being accused of vile crimes against the children they had been called and commissioned to serve. Not in isolated incidents, but in numbers that filled headlines in nearly every paper in the free world.

The Importance of Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing - public relations

As confidence in traditional advertising tactics continues to plummet, consumers are searching for new ways to find quality products. Now is the best time for companies to focus on influencer marketing. Influencers in advertising are people who have earned the trust of thousands by way of strong online or in-person presence. They are not always […]

Profile In Personality: Rhonda Adams

rhonda adams

Rhonda Adams Medina is in charge of business and legal affairs for Sprout at NBCUniversal media. She’s been there since October 2016, and her job title is VP of Business and Legal Affairs. Outside of the office, she provides service and leadership to several philanthropic organizations. She and her family, husband and four children live […]