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How to Use Google Analytics Behavior Flow

Google Analytics Behavior Flow

Google analytic behavior flow is all about how your website is working (or not) when you have visitors to the site. You may feel the website is easy to use, but this tool helps you know for certain … or will let you see where there are bumps in the internet roadway of your site. […]

Toys R Us Gets a Big Win

A lot of retail stores are looking for a big win this holiday season. At least one has gotten a win, but not exactly what they were looking for. Thanks to a win in bankruptcy court, Toys R Us will be allowed to pay $16 million in bonuses to top executives … IF the company […]

Corporate Communication Challenges

Corporate Communication Challenges

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to corporate communications, it’s a big one. First, communication skills are less of a science and more of a skill that must be honed and developed. But few corporate leaders want to spend time on something that they can’t see an immediate payoff for, […]

Top Trends in Paid and Earned Media

Top Trends in Paid and Earned Media

It should be no surprise to anyone with their eye on social media, public relations, and marketing that if you aren’t digital, you’re nowhere. Current estimates are now that more than 50% of the people access the internet using their mobile phone and about 43% do so using laptop or desktop devices. So the top […]

Wig-Wearing Father In-Law Yunes Doleh Arrested

yunes doleh

A lawsuit took an amusing turn when a motion to dismiss was filed in New York City which alleges in court documents that a toupee-wearing father in-law, Yunes Doleh was arrested in New York after false allegations against his son in-law, a respected entrepreneur, Mazen Dayem. The lawsuit further states Mr. Doleh may be facing […]

Crews allegations change the face of abuse victims

In many, perhaps most, cases of sexual abuse, especially those that have been written about almost daily in recent news, the victims are a type: young, ambitious women, beholden in some way to older men who take advantage of their power over these women. That’s one stereotype that’s faithful to the reality. Abuse is about […]

News From Hiltzik, Ruder Finn, Finn Partners & MWWPR

ruder finn

Hiltzik Media Strategies Representing Thoma Bravo in Barracuda Networks Deal Barracuda Networks provides cloud-based networks with security, and the private equity firm Thoma Bravo is acquiring it. Hiltzik Media will be doing the press for that $1.6 billion deal. After averaging share prices over 10 days, the agreed price per share to be paid in […]

Drudge – Bannon “fury” signals split in consumer market

The top standard-bearers at Drudge and Breitbart are at each other’s throats. It was an ideological divorce that few would have predicted, yet, it’s happening, and, by the time it’s over, the modern conservative movement, especially conservative media consumers, may not know hit them. How It All Started To understand the gravity of what is […]

Yorkville Advisors LLC: Winning For the Future

yorkville advisors

Yorkville Advisors Background Yorkville Advisors LLC, a New Jersey-based privately-held investment fund, has been operating since 2001. Mark Angelo was one of the original co-founders of the fund and continues to oversee the day-to-day business there. With four separate arms (subsidiaries) of the fund, they manage a lot of money have a lifetime track record […]