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Upcoming PR Trends for 2018

PR Trends

Here are a few trends to be expected in the coming year with media and the public relations efforts. PR Becomes More Specialized If your company has a public relations team or division, expect that at some point you may need to bring in outside help. Just consider how many areas of specialization there are […]

Jojo Gallery: Soho’s Finest Art

jojo gallery

Jojo Gallery just opened a new location in Soho, in the heart of NYC at 456 West Broadway. The original Jojo Gallery is in Tel Aviv, where they’ve been operating for 10 years. The name stems from the Jojo (Yosef Ohayon), the artist and owner, who uses a water pressure technique (called water pressure inflation) […]

Manziel May Resurrect His Career in Canada

Manziel may resurrect his career in Canada

Talent, apparently, isn’t everything. Just ask Johnny Manziel. The quarterback blazed into the NFL on a cloud of expectations that was, very probably, unfair. But he loved every minute of it. Then he lit his opportunity on fire and watched it blaze down to ashes. Now, it seems, the NFL is done with Johnny Football. […]

Marilyn Manson Blames Columbine for Career Crash

Marilyn Manson blames Columbine for career crash

When he blazed onto the music scene with wild makeup, intense stage shows, and blistering music, Marilyn Manson was the band many kids thronged to … and many parents hated. The rocker came out hard on stage, with lyrics and presentation that enthralled many and horrified others. It looked like he was on the way […]

COBINHOOD ICO – Cryptocurrency Coming Out of the Dark


COBINHOOD ICO reached 25% of its goal within 12 hours of PR / Digital influencer engagement. According to their website, it “is the world’s first “ZERO Trading Fees” cryptocurrency exchange with the vision to achieve ultimate trading experience for traders around the globe, building a cryptocurrency service platform for the blockchain era. Traders will enjoy zero […]

New NFL game caller breaks new ground

Over a single weekend, Beth Mowins became a hero and a figurehead for young women and girls across the country. While she didn’t stand up to an oppressive government or complete some heroic act, Mowins did smash a particularly strong glass ceiling when she became the first woman to call a nationally-televised NFL game. Mowins […]

Atkinson to Head New Team at NBC


The business side of the media has gone through quantum shifts in recent years, and most brands are doing all they can to stay ahead of the curve. Some are faring better than others. In their bid to keep a finger on the pulse of the consumer public’s desire for media, NBCUniversal has hired Claire […]

Kevin Hart tries to repair his reputation

Kevin Hart tries to repair his reputation

As a comedian, Kevin Hart wasn’t afraid to work blue, but he wasn’t really known for it. The comic and actor built a reputation as friendly, family man who beat the odds in Hollywood. Now, that reputation has come crashing down around him, and Hart is facing the consequences of not bending to what he […]