AdRoll: A Company Rolling Along – “FAST”

How many companies have you ever heard of doubling their revenue over the short term?

From AdRoll's Facebook

The absolute leader in the retargeting space, AdRoll was named Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing advertising company just recently. It’s not small wonder either. Not only has the company exploded into the earnings arena for ad moguls, they have also expanded their teams drastically in order to keep pace. Even more amazingly, the AdRoll retargeting platform has been adopted by 600 new clients each month over the same span.

Aaron BellWith their industry-leading, massively scalable SaaS platform, AdRoll is one company that somehow managed to create a “one size fits all” value that enables brands of all shapes and sizes. If there is an ad company that can please all the people all of the time, then this is probably as close as any gets to doing just that.

With this in mind, fantastic numbers like those announced today seem completely reasonable. And AdRoll backs up what they sell, ergo all those added employees. Innovation, maximum scale-ability, and dynamic customer support, AdRoll is another of those companies many will emulate, for many reasons.

AdRoll’s CEO Aaron Bell (above right) told Everything PR News this morning:

“We believe every brand that sells a product or service online can benefit from retargeting, so we built a platform to meet the needs of every size advertiser. This flexibility has fueled our growth.”

Perhaps AdRoll is one of the few companies allowed access to Facebook Exchange just because of the obvious dedication to doing things right? I know from personal experience in speaking with not only Aaron, but with co-founder and President Adam Berke, if there’s one thing these folks are, it’s dead dog serious about their business. And, it’s pretty tough to be clinically sharp and friendly as “all get out” all at once. These are impressive people.

But nobody in the know needs to hear my accolades, it all goes without saying. Just attracting talent from the Internet’s biggest brands such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, they say cream rises to the top? Below is a bullet list of AdRoll highlights their PR team sent along:

  • Revenue: AdRoll surpassed a $50M run rate in 2012, tripling revenue since the close of 2011.
  • Customers: AdRoll added more than 600 new customers a month on average in 2012, and maintained a 97 percent customer retention rate.
  • Innovation: AdRoll continued its devotion to product innovation, as the first company to announce the availability of a dynamic ad product, LiquidAds, on FBX.
  • Staff: Team size increased from 40 in January of 2012, to just over 120 in December. AdRoll welcomed talent from companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Funding: In July, AdRoll announced $15M in new funding, led by Foundation Capital.
  • Recognition: AdRoll’s exponential growth was recognized by Inc. magazine in August, when it was named the fastest-growing advertising company in the country on the publication’s annual Inc. 500 list. AdRoll was also named the fastest-growing company in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times in September.

The company has worked with a number of leading public relations firms, including 5WPR and MWW PR.

For more information about AdRoll’s news, readers may contact Erin Lockhart at For companies who need to reach more customers, it seems AdRoll is a freight train to climb aboard. Congrats to the team from us here at EPR.

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