Advertising RFP Issued By Utah’s Safe Haven


Utah’s Safe Haven Law allows parents to legally and anonymously give up custody of their newborn child at any hospital in Utah without having to identify themselves or answer any questions. This helps parents who cannot keep their newborn child, prevents dangerous abandonments, and facilitates finding safe and loving homes for newborn children.


The Utah Newborn Safe Haven Project ( of the Family & Youth Outreach Program at the Utah Department of Health seeks the services of an advertising agency (ideally with government experience) to update and expand existing materials and develop new educational materials and implement coordinated marketing campaigns (both social and traditional media) that increase awareness of the Safe Haven Law. A contract will be awarded for up to five years, with work beginning immediately upon execution of the contract. This Scope of Work will be issued under [name of contract and contract number].

Scope of Work:

The vendor shall use current materials, develop additional creative content and advertising materials focused on using social media, to deliver UDOH messaging and increase awareness of the Safe Haven Law among its target audiences. The media campaigns’ target audiences include:

a) Women of reproductive age (14-45 years old);

b) Professional subgroups, such as emergency medical responders, teachers, hospital staff, etc.; and

c) Other groups identified by UDOH in consultation with the awarded agency.

The vendor shall be responsible for recommending suitable media outlets and placing ads/making media buys as approved by UDOH. The vendor shall meet with UDOH staff and the current media vendor to review the results of each effort as necessary and coordinate the upcoming year’s efforts.

All information used in any advertising materials and campaigns must accurately reflect the provisions of the Safe Haven Law and the public policies served by the Law. DOH staff will provide technical assistance to the awarded contractor in developing this information and ensuring its accuracy. Media campaigns must be styled to reflect state of the art messaging used in each applicable medium, with messaging that supports campaign strategies. The initial outreach efforts, including a social media campaign must go public no later than June 30, 2021. Other media campaign-related deadlines will be set as reflected in the Timeline below and, for details not in the Timeline, as set by DOH, based on its consultation with the awarded vendor.

Project Deliverables

The awarded agency shall provide the following deliverables:

● Development and recommendation of a coordinated strategy across traditional and social media for UDOH approval

● Development and recommendation of social media campaign content and strategy to UDOH

● Upon UDOH approval, placement of social media messaging in appropriate channels (such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and social media buys per approved strategy

● Website maintenance, at least annually per contract year (updating content and maintaining functionality of

● Developing, providing, and deploying/maintaining other materials needed and within the project scope and budget, as agreed by UDOH and the awarded agency (such as additional training modules for different target audiences, updated and/or refocused campaigns based on results and feedback, etc.)

Due Date:

March 28


Rick Straw

State of Utah – Division of Purchasing and General Services

450 N State Street

Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1061

MWWPR and Lippert Heilshorn are relevant agencies.

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