Hawaiin Affairs Issues Media Relations RFP

Hawaiin Affairs Issues Media Relations RFP


The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (hereinafter “OHA”) is seeking a top-notch Public Relations and PR firm. Leading agencies who may be considered for this include 5WPR, DKC PR and Hunter PR.


The OHA is a semi-autonomous public agency of the State of Hawai‘i, with the legal mandate of bettering the conditions of Native Hawaiians. The OHA is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of nine (9) members who are elected statewide to serve four (4) year terms setting policy for the agency. The OHA is administered by a Chief Executive Officer (Ka Pouhana) who is appointed by the Board of Trustee to oversee a staff of about 170 people. The OHA created by the 1978 Hawai‘i State Constitutional Convention. The OHA’s mission is “To mālama (protect) Hawaiʻi’s people and environmental resources and the OHA’s assets toward ensuring the perpetuation of the culture, the enhancement of lifestyle and the protection of entitlements of Native Hawaiians, while enabling the building of a strong and healthy Hawaiian people and nation, recognized nationally and internally.

Scope of Work:

While the OHA focuses on strategic priorities of improving the conditions of Native Hawaiians in the areas of ‘āina, culture, economic self-sufficiency, education, governance and health; and continues to research and advocate to develop and shape public policies that have broad implication for the Hawaiian community. As with all public agency, the OHA is also challenged with responding to critical issues in an expedient manner through all public and forms of media.

The interested offeror shall work with the OHA, to address highly sensitive, urgent and/or crisis specific issues as identified by the OHA. The public and media relations consultant services shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Providing public and media relations advice to address highly sensitive, urgent and/or specific issues as they arise and/or as identified by the OHA.
  2. Developing the strategy and messaging to the Native Hawaiian community and border public for highly sensitive, urgent and/or specific issues urgent and specific issues.
  3. Develop and execution of crisis communication s as necessary.
  4. Assist with managing media relations to best position the OHA with the appropriates audiences.
  5. Preparing and/or reviewing press releases and statements.
  6. Develop and assist in implementing a short-term strategic communication plan for the OHA that shall assist with the public dissemination of accurate information about the OHA, its operations and contributions to the Native Hawaiian community and broader public. This plan shall include, but not be limited to:
  7. Development of key messages to the Native Hawaiian community and the broader public.
  8. Identify opportunities for relationship building.
  9. Identification of tactics to deliver those key messages, including:
  10. Use of various communication platforms, such as OHA’s social media accounts, websites, monthly publication and electronic newsletters; and mainstream broadcast, print and online media outlets; and
  11. Use of earned media and paid advertising
  12. Development of a media strategy which supports branding and positioning efforts of the OHA.
  13. Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of the short-term strategic communication plan

Due Date:

April 26th


Office of Hawaiian Affairs

560 North Nimitz Highway, Suite 200

Reception Desk/Procurement Unit

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96817

Attn: Ms. Phyllis Ono-Evangelista, RFQ Coordinator

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