The Arthur W. Page Center Announces Winners of Inaugural Communications Awards

The Arthur W. Page Center Announces Winners of Inaugural Communications Awards

This year there are four honorees for the awards recognizing careers of integrity in communications and public relations. The dinner will be held at the Hyatt Regency on February 22 and tickets can be purchased on the Page Center website for those interested in attending. The four people being honored are Ann Barkelew, Dick Martin, Allan Murray, and Larry G. Foster, the founder of the Arthur W. Page Center in the College of Communications at Penn State University.

Ann Barkelew

Barkelew has worked in public, private, national, and international PR over her 35 years in the business. Early in her career she served as the public relations officer for the Los Angeles County Office of Education. Later she became the VP of corporate affairs at Munsingwear, and between 1981-1994 she was the Dayton Hudson Corporation’s VP of corporate public relations. Currently, she is the founding general manager at FleishmanHillard’s Minnesota office. Barkelew has done well by her profession with a constant effort towards integrity and honor.

Dick Martin

Martin has a distinguished career working at AT&T in various jobs including a stint as the executive vice president of PR as well as several years as the chairman of the AT&T Foundation. He’s an author of several books focusing on practicing with integrity as a PR representative. His books include OtherWise: The Wisdom You Need to Succeed in a Diverse and Divisive World, and Tough Calls: AT&T and the Hard Lessons Learned from the Telecom Wars. He has also worked with other writers on published articles and books including works for The Harvard Business Review, The Journal of Business Strategy, and Chief Executive.

Alan Murray

Murray’s work has been focused on content and communications rather than PR. He’s filled various editorial positions such as executive editor and deputy managing editor during his 20 or so years at The Wall Street Journal and currently as Fortune magazine’s editor-in-chief as well as Time Inc.’s person overseeing editorial standards and policies. He’s written four books so far, two of them are The Wall Street Journal Guide to Management and Showdown at Gucci Gulch.

Denise Bortree, the Arthur W. Page Center’s director and an associate professor of communications, speaking of the three above, said: “We are delighted to recognize their work as emblematic of the standards to which all those in the fields of public communication should be held.”

The Late Lawrence G. Foster

Technically Foster is not an “honoree,” but he will be the focus of a tribute in his honor. Foster founded the Arthur W. Page Center at his alma mater primarily because he wanted to ensure that the industry has new people joining the communications workforce every year who have been educated with a focus on integrity and honesty in their dealings.

The Center’s advisory board chair, Bill Nielsen, said: “Larry’s vision was clear. Create a resource for students, teachers, and practitioners so they can promote responsibility in all areas of communication. These awards are an extension of Larry’s vision.”

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