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Public Relations Forum in Europe

The conference is being arranged by the Swedish Public Relations Association with the Global Alliance
For Public Relations and Communication Management. It is the first time the conference is held in Sweden and the event coincides with the 60th birthday of The Swedish Public Relations Association.

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PR Tips: Five Terms to Never Use to Market Technology

Marketing terminology for new age innovation has become as hyped laden as any cheesy ad campaign ever created. What are the effects of terminology on developments in the short and long term. How should you describe your technology? Here are some terms you should never use when describing your development to anyone, followed by some suggestions and reasoning.

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Travel PR: Travel as An Indicator of The Immediate Future of Business

Every sector has been hard hit by the current economic situation, but what is in store for specific industries and how can trends predict future direction for business. Travel may provide one insight into the mid to long term future for business as a whole. Will business class travel be a thing of the past? How will this effect other industries and the airlines in particular? A series on the long term effects of economic shifts in plain language.

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Using Social Media to Beat Cancer

Twitter is hopping with the new #beatcancer hashtag. In an attempt to raise money and awareness while breaking a Guiness World Record, Beat Cancer Everywhere is hosting a fundraising on social media.

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MMI Public Relations Chosen by Duke University

MMI Public Relations will be handling all the public relations and media relations for the 8th annual Fuqua School of Business & Coach K Leadership Conference. The company will use a combination of tactics to gain publicity for their client.