Bellevue College Issues Branding & Marketing RFP

Bellevue College Issues Branding & Marketing RFP

Bellevue College Continuing Education (BCCE) is seeking to reposition its brand, combining Professional Education with Computer & Technology Education as well as Corporate Training Solutions into a unit focused on upskilling incumbent workers and positioning individuals seeking a new career path. The combined programs are operating under the working name Bellevue College Enterprises (BCE). The programs housed under BCE, be they open enrollment or customized training solutions, will be more intensive, complex and therefore higher priced than courses housed in Community Education. 

Given the complexity of today’s marketing challenges and choices in the digital space, BCCE needs to maximize the return on investment in marketing and advertising spend. The knowledge and experience required to lead us into the future cannot be embodied in one person. To that end, working with an outside agency will provide access to experts in digital marketing, strategic planning and execution, messaging, target marketing, thought leadership, search engine optimization, and experience in B2B and B2C marketing. This change is essential to advancing the vision and missions for both BCE and Community Education programs as the organizations moves into its future state.


Bellevue College is located within the city limits of Bellevue, Washington, along the Interstate 90 corridor. The main campus is situated on 100 wooded acres within sight of the Cascade Range and the Puget Sound, approximately five miles from downtown Bellevue and 10 miles from downtown Seattle. As the third largest institution of higher learning in Washington, we open the door of higher education to more than 32,000 students each year.

Scope of Work:

A. Project Manage the Marketing of BCCE

                1. Ensure that BCCE builds a strategic marketing plan that features clear and consistent messaging conveying the differentiated benefits that the program provides:

                                a. Lock on marketing objectives and messaging priorities through interviews with CE stakeholders

                                b. Develop core benefit pillars with supporting points

                                c. Customize messaging for the different student segments

                                d. Develop personas consistent with the different markets served and execute strategies                           thereof.

                                e. Build Macro and Micro strategies (program level)

                                f. Identify potential new markets for BCCE to become exposed to.

                                g. Committed to a process to grow enrollments to targeted levels.

                2. Optimize BCE marketing and Community Education marketing

                                a. Develop new program brochure with quotes, case studies and statistics

                                b. Develop testimonials

                                c. Thought Leadership Content

                                d. Provide an ROI report out at the end of major campagns.

                                e. Make media placements on behalf of BCCE in appropriate media to include, but not                                  limited to, digital platforms, social media, radio and tv, print media, and on demand                                        products.

                3. Improve and develop BCCE student acquisition and retention through a targeted action plan

                                a. Develop actionable student retention program with goals and performance tracking process

                                b. Assess data from in-person sessions and sentiment trends collected from customer service team

                                c. Develop and conduct survey of current and former students to assess market demand  and cross-sell opportunities

                                d. Synthesize findings with key takeaways and proposed next steps

                4. Optimize marketing budget and improve BCCE student experience through an alternative approach to the current quarterly print catalogue

                                a. Develop 4-8 page brochures as an alternative format

                                b. Distribute test brochures to a select group of locations and mailing lists and synthesize findings

                5. Marketing automation process management

                                a. Develop detailed marketing automation plan

                                b. Provide project management and implementation support

                6. Ongoing project management

                                a. Part-time onsite presence at BCCE to provide continuity on all marketing initiatives

                                b. One point of contact for all marketing initiatives

                                c. Optimize current cadence of work and support new marketing initiatives

                                d. Provide insights into marketing programs and suggest new approaches

                7. Perform an annual survey of employers to ascertain training needs over the next 12 months in partnership with the local chamber of commerce.

B. Branding

                1. Discovery, Research, Brand Strategy

                                a. Align on project objectives and identify gaps

                                b. Competitive audit of direct and indirect competitors

                                c. Stakeholder interviews exploring brand perceptions, company culture and opportunities or challenges

                                d. Define the core elements of the brand

                2. Name Development & Recommendation

                                a. Develop no less than five (5) Naming options aligned with brand stragey

                                b. Create no less than five (5) logo options with brand identity guidelines

                                c. Develop visual language and verbal identity framework

                3. Website Design and Development

                                a. Establish data-driven objectives that lead the web design and development process

                                b. Develop a features list for the website

                                c. Create a site map, with UX/UI considered throughout the process

                                d. Develop content and layout designs that are mobile friendly, ADA compliant and easy to edit

                                e. The site must fully integrate with our current and future registration software, as well as SEO tools

                                f. Launch website, with ongoing website support

                4. Marketing Plan for the launch of the new brand

                                a. Provide and develop recommendations on the needs for collateral

                                b. Provide and develop recommendations on the advertising for the year

                                c. Provide and develop template and recommendations for press releases

                                d. Create a social media plan for the roll-out

Due Date:

May 1st, 2019


Andrew Kapoi

3000 Landerholm Circle SE

Bellevue, WA 98007

Andrew Kapoi

Agencies with relevant experience includes Kite Hill PR and Small Girls PR.

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