Building the Best Business Team

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There are plenty of different ways for brands and corporations to build teams that solve business challenges. Each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages, which is why business owners have to pick the one that best fits their ideas and vision on how to achieve their business goals.

Some business owners want to have a controlled workflow and a lot of discipline, with clearly defined responsibilities for everyone involved. In contrast, others prefer letting the employees work on the things they are interested in within the business goals. No matter the approach, having a great business team is essential for achieving success with a business. However, building that business team is not the easiest of tasks, and essential communication with everyone involved is key.

For instance, there are plenty of examples where engineers dominated the business team and managed to create an amazing solution without ever thinking about the available target market and sales. On the other hand, a business team dominated by salespeople risks promising the customers a lot and then underdelivering the solution because the solution itself was impossible to create. This is just one of the many reasons why it’s important for all sides of the business team to constantly communicate about the business and establish a clear process for critical and collaborative decision making.

Furthermore, everyone involved in the business team plays a very important role, including the business owners themselves, who start their role well in advance compared to everyone else. When building a business team, business owners are looking to find the best and most professional people on board. When it’s a brand new small business, the areas of responsibility between these people are often blurred.

This frequently leads to misunderstandings, and that’s precisely why business owners should be putting in work to mediate any potential disputes or internal conflicts. Furthermore, business owners should also be thinking about a framework for employee mobility or development.

Plenty of times, employees are looking for ways to advance their careers. The business should allow employees to move both upward, in terms of experience and sideways, in changing their specialty. Having employees working on something they’re really passionate about is key to having content employees who are happy to work for the business.

This is what having a flexible team structure means – when the employee can take on different roles within the company if they want to, and then they can decide which one they like best, or suits them well, to then continue that path.

Finally, business owners tend to have an issue with delegating certain aspects of their work to other employees, which is inevitable as the company starts growing. After all, business owners have the same 24 hours in a day just like everyone else, which means although they can take on a lot of work, they can’t take on everything about the business while having a limited energy resource. However, overcoming those thoughts and feelings frequently mean success for both the business and the business team.

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