Canada Tourism Seeks To Hire Public Relations Firm

Canadian Tourism Commission - Public Relations

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), Canada’s official national tourism marketing organization – a government entity – has issued a request for proposal for a new public relations agency.

As described in the well-written, descriptive RFP, “CTC supports the Canadian tourism industry by marketing Canada as a premier four-season tourism destination, and supports the Canadian economy by generating tourism export revenues. Through collaboration and partnerships with the private sector, the Government of Canada, plus the provinces and territories, the CTC works with the tourism sector to maintain our competitiveness and position Canada as a destination where travelers can create extraordinary personal experiences. “

In calendar year 2014, overseas tourism grew 10% to Canada, with CTC efforts directly accounting for $925 million in tourism revenue for Canada’s economy, $122 million toward federal tax revenue, and 7,500 jobs created or protected in Canadian tourism businesses.

The public relations effort describes primary necessity for the selected firm to have expertise marketing to the 11 geographic markets where the most tourism emanates from, including Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, France, Germany, United Kingdom and United States.

Among the core requirements mentioned in the RFP are: Strategic Planning, including “Supporting the development and writing of the communications plan; conduct research for, and provide input to, a multi-year US public and media relations plan; establish program KPIs and measures to deliver against; and provide required reporting to the CTC on performance of the multi-year plan.”

Naturally, Business Development is also a key component with the selected firm expected to: “Leverage existing media relationships and brand partnerships to introduce opportunities to the CTC that are aligned with the US media and communications plan; seek out new media relationships and brand partnerships to support the CTC strategy in the US; support the planning and execution of specific projects and initiatives involving US media relationships and brand partnerships.”

Additional requirements for the agency are media relations, including to “Provide ongoing media relations support representing Canada’s national story and targeted media opportunities”, and “Content Creation and Distribution”, including content for “Destination Canada events/projects and campaigns.”

Travel Trade and Business Events Support are described as optional – although we’d venture the selected agency will have such experience. Applicants are asked to submit references, case studies and more. Proposals are due by August 10th, 2015, with the agency expected to be selected by September 7, 2015.

Bid away if you want to be the public relations firm for Canada — that’s certainly a stellar client for the right agency.

The full RFP which can be found here – is for a three year engagement.

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