Chicago State University Issues RFP For Media Planning, and Advertising

Chicago State University Issues RFP For Media Planning, Buying and Advertising

The Board of Trustees of Chicago State University is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to work closely with the University in executing a comprehensive media buying and advertising plan covering, the Chicago metro area as well as markets within our service region.


Chicago State University (CSU) is a public, comprehensive university that provides access to higher education for students of diverse backgrounds and educational needs. The university fosters the intellectual development and success of its student population through a rigorous, positive, and trans-formative educational experience. CSU is committed to teaching, research, service and community development including social justice, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Chicago State University will be recognized for innovations in teaching and research, and in promoting ethical leadership, entrepreneurship, and social and environmental justice. We will embrace, engage, educate, and empower our students and community to transform lives locally and globally.

Scope of Work:

The plan covers, but is not limited to, the Chicago metro area as well as markets within our service region. Purchases may include, but are not limited to: Media such as billboards and transit (bus and rail) opportunities; traditional media including terrestrial radio, print, and television; digital technologies including desktop ad placement and retargeting, paid social media and paid search, mobile technologies, as well as audio/video streaming.

  • A media schedule for all advertising to be developed in consultation with the University. Vendor will:
  • Negotiate cost and present a proposed media buy plan, utilizing multiple channels, to University.
  • Upon University approval of a proposed media buy plan, in consultation with the University, execute the purchasing plan.
  • Vendor will contract with, and will be responsible for payment to, media subcontractors for all advertising buys. Payment for the advertising must be made promptly to all vendors and subcontractors.
  • Vendor will provide ad creative specs to university for the university’s production of creative in a timely manner, so as to allow sufficient time for production.
  • Vendor will either make media placements for the university, or will provide the university the proper contact name and information for subcontractors so that the university may make the media placements.
  • Vendor will provide any and all analytics provided to the vendor by the subcontractors relative to the university’s media placements. Analytic expectations will be agreed upon prior to the media placement.
  • University will approve all media schedules/buys prior to commitment by vendor.
  • Perform media buying services to purchase advertising including:
  • Pre-buy analysis.
  • Media buying – negotiating best rates and placement
  • Vendor will monitor any ad placements made by the vendor, providing timely feedback to the university so as to optimize placements. Any changes to the advertising plan initially approved by the university must be submitted to the University representative for approval.

Vendor Qualifications: Vendor is to provide detailed information demonstrating how their applicable abilities and experience meet these qualifications in their response:

  • Vendor must be familiar with the Chicago Metro area and relevant designated market areas (DMAs).
  • Vendor must be familiar with the demographics of Chicago State University.
  • The vendor MUST have access to a wide variety of advertising channels and inventory, and relationships with a large number of media outlets.
  • Vendor must be able to manage digital media ad schedules and understand how to monitor results and adjust a “buy” quickly when indicated to produce the most return on investment for the University.

Milestones and Deliverables:

Vendor will be responsible for the following advertising requirements:

  • Pre-buy analysis
  • Developing, in consultation with the University, a media schedule for all advertising
  • Purchasing
  • Scheduling
  • Negotiating price
  • Notification of ad specs for university to produce ad creative
  • Placing ads
  • Providing subcontractor contact information for ads that university will place
  • Payment to media outlets
  • Monitoring vendor placed ads to ensure ads run as requested
  • Providing a report of media purchases, along with calendars, to the University on a quarterly basis

Due Date:

July 26th



Attn: Eric Cotton

9501 S. King Dr.

Suite: ADM 129

Chicago, IL 60628

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