City of American Canyon Issues RFP For Marketing Services

City of American Canyon Issues RFP For Marketing Support Services
City of American Canyon Issues RFP For Marketing Support Services

The City of American Canyon (“City”) is seeking proposals through this Request for Proposals (RFP) from a highly  qualified  Consultant  to  work  closely  with  the  City’s  Communications  Manager  to  provide  professional services to include strategic communications consulting, graphic design services, marketing  and general communications support. The City is interested in awarding a multi-year contract, with the option for extension upon mutual agreement.


The City of American Canyon incorporated in 1992. It is located about 35 miles northeast of San Francisco  at  the  southern  end  of  Napa  County.  American  Canyon  developed  following  World  War  II,  with  the  McKnight  Acres  subdivision  in  the  1940s  and  Rancho  Del  Mar  in  the  1950s.  The  City  encompasses approximately 6 square miles and serves a largely residential population of approximately 20,629. 

Scope of Work:

The  City  is  seeking  proposals  from  a  highly  qualified  Consultant  to  work  closely  with  the  City’s  Communications  Manager  to  provide  professional  services  to  include  strategic  communications  consulting,  graphic  design  services,  marketing  and  general  communications  support  for  the  City  of  American Canyon. The Consultant will also implement outreach campaigns related to special projects as  agreed to by both parties in advance. Outcomes include, but are not limited to:

Task 1 – General Communications Support  The  City  of  American  Canyon  communicates  with  residents,  businesses,  and  other  stakeholders  and  organizations about various matters, including emergency preparedness, City policy, traffic, public safety,  news and events, key issues and areas of interest, department programs, projects, campaigns, and news.  The  Consultant  will  provide  general  support  for  the  various  ongoing  communications  in  the  form  of  content  development,  graphic  design  of  necessary  campaign elements, message  strategizing  with  the  City’s Communications Manager and applicable management staff, and  The City estimates this work to  average 20 hours per week, year round.

Task 2 ‐ Activity Guide  The  City  publishes  three  Activity  Guides  per  fiscal  year,  Fall  (covers  September  through  December)  published in August, Winter‐Spring (covers January through May) published in December, and Summer  (covers  June  through August)  published in May. This 32-page  (approximate)  publication  highlights  the recreational  programs and events.  For each edition  of  the Guide,  the  Consultant will  provide  content  layout  design  services,  create all  digital marketing assets  for  programs and events,  create an editorial  calendar  for guide  content,  create and  schedule  social media  posts, and  update  content  on  the  City’s  website.

Task 3 ‐  State of the City  Guide and lead the creation of the Annual State of the City content, to include an approximate 20‐page  highlight report, invitations, website, and social media assets, etc. The Consultant will review and consider  options  for  the  delivery  of  this information and  then guide its  development in  concert with  the  City’s  Communications Manager. The State of the City occurs each year in February.

Due Date:

July 12, 2019


City of American Canyon,

Attention: Jen  Kansanback, Communications Manager,

4381 Broadway, Suite 201,

American Canyon, CA 94503

Agencies with relevant experience includes MWWPR and APCO Worldwide.

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