City of Kaukauna Issues Municipal Marketing and Branding RFP

City of Kaukauna Issues Municipal Marketing and Branding RFP
City of Kaukauna Issues Municipal Marketing and Branding RFP

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals to establish a lump sum contract through competitive negotiation with a qualified consulting firm with solid experience in marketing research (both quantitative and qualitative), message/positioning development, and municipal identity/branding including development of a brand values statement; logo development and associated graphic standards; and recommendations for brand rollout through social media marketing as well as traditional marketing.

The City of Kaukauna is seeking the development of a comprehensive brand marketing campaign to drive business attraction and retention, energize current residents and position the municipality as a desirable place for relocation, and enhance general perception.

1. The City of Kaukauna requests proposals by qualified firms to research, create, and develop an implementation plan for a community branding initiative for the City of Kaukauna. Responses to this Request for Proposal (RFP) will provide the City with the information required to assess, evaluate, and select a consultant based on prior experience, qualification, methodology and approach, and work performed in similarly sized communities. It is important to note that this is a community branding initiative, but that the brand will be used primarily as an identity for the City of Kaukauna.

2. The primary goals/objectives to be achieved by the branding initiative include, but are not limited to:

                a. Uniformity – The brand should convey a common message and image to audiences both within and outside the City of Kaukauna. A defined message that will market the City of Kaukauna locally, statewide, nationally and internationally as a great place to live, work, shop, and do business; a community historically focused on sustainability and conservation; the right place for development, redevelopment, and investment; the perfect mix for a business-friendly community.

                b. Community Identity/Pride – Identify and promote what makes the City of Kaukauna distinct                 and appealing in a regionally competitive environment for investors, businesses, retailers,   visitors, and residents.

                c. Community and Economic Development Promotion – Promote a healthy economy, attract private investment, new residents and young professionals, and retain key businesses and creative talent.

                d. Flexibility – The brand must be flexible and adaptable in order to meet the needs of a variety of departments and municipal functions within the City, as well as groups and businesses within the City in their specific marketing initiatives while maintaining consistency with their overall brand. It must also be flexible enough to grow and evolve along with any changes in the market.

                e. Endorsement – The brand must be authentic and resonate with community leadership in the               City of Kaukauna and with business leadership in the greater Fox Cities area.


Today Kaukauna is home to 15,858 people with it’s own full-time Police, Fire and Rescue services and a municipally owned electric and water utility.  Kaukauna is well-maintained with regular garbage collection, street cleaning, well-lit and well-paved streets and other services vital to keeping our community safe and attractive. Kaukauna boasts a 350-acre Industrial Park Network, complete with rail and heavy truck access.

Our proximity to the Fox River affords our residents with numerous recreational opportunities such as the Historic Grignon Mansion, the 1000 Islands Environmental Center, many parks and sport fields, a public swimming pool, and a public library.

City-sponsored events held in the Central Business District include a weekly outdoor music series – Live! from Hydro Park, Fox Firecracker 5k Run/Walk and the Downtown Farmer’s Market June through October. With such a variety of activities available, it should not come as a surprise that Kaukauna is also known as “The Friendly City.”

Kaukauna is one of Wisconsin’s oldest communities. The first white explorer to see Kaukauna was Jean Nicolet, who pushed his birch bark canoe up the Fox River from Green Bay in search of a water passage to the Orient. Nicolet made allies with the Winnebago Indians that he found in the region. Trappers, hunters, missionaries, and merchants soon followed with additional expeditions to the new territory.

Because travelers had to carry their boats and cargoes over the three waterfalls at what is now Kaukauna, that spot was destined by nature to become a way-station and settlement on this important waterway. When Father Claude Allouez paused there on April 18, 1670, he noted in his journal, “we passed the portage called by the natives KeKaling, our sailors dragged the canoe among the rapids: while I walked on the Riverbank, where I found apple trees and vine-stocks in great numbers.”

Thousands of bales of furs were carried over the KeKalin Falls during the ensuing fur trading period and log dwellings were erected at the site to house the portagers and travelers. By 1760, Charles de Langlade had a fur trading post at the falls.

Scope of Work:

Project Management – The consultant will lead all aspects of the City of Kaukauna community marketing and branding initiative, including the following:

1. Advisory to the Steering Committee (to be determined) – This team will be composed of representatives from the City and community (business) leaders. Meetings throughout the process will be required.

2. Lead for facilitating various focus groups comprised of community leadership and business owners to determine existing attitudes, perceptions, opportunities and challenges to enhancing the City’s image.

3. Facilitator during the research process and/or testing of the new brand – Include descriptions of community engagement efforts that will take place during this process. The consultant will be expected to employ creative means of public involvement to ensure that community leaders and the business community are aware of and involved in the project.

4. Research – Research will be the basis for the development of a brand concept, creative elements, messaging/positioning and the overall brand initiative. The consultant will create and implement a brand research plan, which will include qualitative and quantitative research with key publics to identify the following:

                a. The key elements of the City of Kaukauna.

                b. Analysis of competitor marketing strategies.

                c. Measures that will be used to determine if the branding effort is successful.

5. Strategic Plan – The consultant will develop strategic objectives that will help better inform the City of Kaukauna on implementation, management and ongoing promotion of the brand to include, but not be limited to the following:

                a. Promotion of the use of the brand among City of Kaukauna departments.

                b. Maintenance and consistency of brand image and messaging while providing suitable               flexibility for the target audiences of the participating agencies.

                c. Recommendations of ways to articulate the brand; define markets and promotional avenues; and advise on strategies to better promote and create brand awareness.

6. Creative/Development of Brand – The consultant will develop creative elements that include design concepts, logos, messages, brand statement, tagline, and other products to support the overall brand initiative. A minimum of three distinct creative options must be presented, based on the results of the research. The selected logo design will be delivered, with the final option delivered with a style manual and guidelines for use and the capability of use in the following

                a. Print and electronic advertising

                b. Website design

                c. Media placement

                d. Public relations

                e. Events

                f. Templates

7. Implementation Plan – The consultant will develop an action plan for the implementation of the brand in sufficient detail to allow Steering Committee to understand the approach and work plan. An Action Plan should include, but not be limited to the following:

                a. Estimated costs/budget associated with the implementation process.

                b. Proposed timelines for the development of creative elements.

                c. Recommended positioning logo and brand guidelines.

                d. Implementation plans for brand identity applications and brand identity maintenance plan.

Due Date:

November 6, 2019


Robert Jakel, AICP

Director of Planning and Community Development

Agencies worth considering include Hunter PR and Rubenstein PR.

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