City of Spokane Seeks PR Firm For Crime Public Awareness Campaign

City of Spokane Seeks PR Firm For Property Crime Public Awareness Campaign

A Public Awareness and Education Campaign about property crime.

The City of Spokane and the Spokane Police Department have been working to reduce property crime. While rates of property crime in Spokane remain higher than the average in Washington state or the nation, the Spokane Police Department has made considerable progress on this front. Year to date, Property Crime is down 4 percent overall.

Notably, the top three most common citizen property crime complaints are down even more than that:

o Vehicle Theft is down 8.5 percent.

o Residential burglary is down 15.4 percent.

o Garage burglary is down 9 percent.

Despite the progress, the perception of the public and perpetuated by media is that the problem continues to grow. Media stories routinely call out examples of property crime and air “rankings’ stories comparing us to other communities.  These kinds of stories persist on social media.

The City is seeking assistance with a property crimes public awareness campaign to highlight the progress of the Spokane Police Department and to better equip citizens to avoid being victimized. Anecdotally, as much as one-third of weekly property crime incidents result from easily preventable situations, such as unlocked doors and open garage doors, valuables left in plain sight, keys left in a car, and vehicle left running while unattended.


Spokane is a city in eastern Washington State. It’s home to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, which explores the region’s history through exhibits on art, culture and Native American heritage. Next door, Tudor-style Campbell House dates from the early 1900s. Vast Riverfront Park, site of the 1974 World’s Fair, has a sculpture walk. In the park, a cable car offers views over tumbling Spokane Falls.

Scope of Work:

The successful proposer will be required to work Spokane Police Department leadership to develop a Strategic Public Education & Awareness Campaign around property crime. Deliverables would include an overall campaign theme and approach; design of visuals, web pages, videos and graphics as appropriate; media buys as appropriate; and tracking of reach and outcomes.

Using already existing data and educational materials, the City is seeking an updated marketing campaign focused on success stories and easy-to-remember actions for citizens to use. Leveraging social media to distribute compelling content is critical. Campaign materials should be able to be repurposed for a community report card on property crimes for potential use in speeches and other outreach by elected leaders. Assistance in defining next steps beyond this campaign may be requested.

The successful proposer may be asked to maximize the advertising budget through sponsorships, public service announcement opportunities, or other promotional opportunities.

The marketing approach should focus on:

  • Sharing the success of the Spokane Police Department in reducing property crime.
  • Educating citizens on how they can reduce their likelihood of becoming a victim of property crime.

The audience would consist of area residents and visitors.

Due Date:

August 24th


City of Spokane

Attn. Michele Anderson

Spokane Police Department, Public Safety Building

1100 W. Mallon, Spokane, WA 99260

Agencies who have relevant experience include W2O Group and 5WPR.

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