Communications RFP Issued By Invisible Children

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Invisible Children is seeking an experienced and dynamic communications professional or team to oversee the full design, content creation, and production of the organization’s Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report.

Applicants responding to this Request for Proposals (RFP) should have experience in marketing and/or public relations communications, as well as designing and creating high-quality, compelling, and visually appealing reports. Communications experience with non-profit institutions is preferred.

The final Annual Report product should be prepared and submitted to Invisible Children as a printable booklet in PDF format, suitable to view online or to be downloaded for printing.

Scope of Work:

+ Product Conception and Information Organization: The consultant will work with the Director of Development and Supporter Engagement Manager to conduct relevant research, including intake discussions with Invisible Children staff, Board members, and other key stakeholders, to develop the report concept, structure, and content organization.

+ Writing and Editing: The consultant will contribute to the drafting, editing, and proofreading of content for the Annual Report, with input and content review from relevant Invisible Children personnel. Invisible Children will provide the consultant with all necessary non-public data to complete the report. Under the supervision of the Director of Development and Supporter Engagement Manager, the consultant will collect, confirm, or clarify information as needed.

+ Graphic Design: The consultant will provide Invisible Children with at least two (2) graphic design concepts for the Annual Report, including color schemes, design/layout prototype, typographic design, rough page layouts, and order of the core content elements for review and final approval by the Invisible Children Project Manager. The consultant is also expected to accommodate up to two rounds of revisions to the design concept. Invisible Children will provide the consultant with photographs and other available visual assets (maps, graphs, etc.). The consultant is expected to research and identify additional visual images that may be used in the Annual Report. Purchase/Licensing of identified images will require written approval from the Supporter Engagement Manager, and the consultant must document and deliver to Invisible Children written permissions, together with required credit language, for the use of all visual assets not created as a work for hire within the scope of this project.

+ Delivery of final product(s): By 12pm ET on February 17, 2022, the consultant will deliver a single indexed PDF file of the “printable booklet” version (not to exceed 5MB in file size and suitable for either downloading from the Invisible Children website or emailing upon request), containing all pages, including front and back covers. Additionally, the consultant will also provide written documentation of all permissions for the use of all visual assets not created as a work for hire within the scope of this project. The printing and binding of the report is not a part of this scope of work.


+ Detailed outline of structure and content of report as well as production timeline (DUE: Date proposed by applicant)

+ Documentation of final graphic design concept for printable booklet version, with comprehensive page layouts (DUE: Date proposed by applicant)

+ Initial report designed with content, data, and visual assets (photos, graphs, maps) for review and feedback (DUE: Date proposed by applicant)

+ Completed FY 2021 Annual Report in printable PDF booklet format – DUE February 17, 2022

Due Date: 11:59pm ET on December 7, 2021


Applicants should submit proposals to by 11:59pm ET on December 7, 2021 and include “Communications Consultancy: Annual Report” in the subject line. Proposals should include

Relevant agencies to consider include Rubenstein PR and Edelman PR.

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