COYNE PR & MWW PR: South Jersey Transportation Seeks PR Firm

COYNE PR & MWW PR: South Jersey Transportation Seeks PR Firm

The South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization (SJTPO) is soliciting proposals from qualified firms, to develop and support the implementation of a strategic communications and marketing plan. This work is included in the SJTPO FY 2018 Unified Planning Work Program ( Technical proposals must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the goals, requirements, format, and guidelines presented in this RFP document. Leading NJ PR Firms include MWWPR and Coyne PR. The SJTPO is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem Counties. As such, the SJTPO has responsibility or oversight for all federally funded surface transportation planning activities in the region.

SJTPO is partnered with the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy who brings significant experience with regional trail initiatives to this effort. The Conservancy will work closely with SJTPO and the selected firm or firms on this effort and will review and advise on the process and work products.

Scope of Work:

SJTPO is seeking professional consulting services to develop and support the implementation of a strategic marketing and communications plan. SJTPO’s goal is to maximize the ability of the organization and our partners to advance trails across the region and thus improve the quality of life for our region’s residents. A successful firm or group of firms will demonstrate a realistic, aggressive, hands-on approach to address foreseeable needs related to communication and marketing for this effort. The primary deliverable around which this project is based is the creation of a comprehensive marketing and communications plan that will include priority messages and audiences (including personas), regional marketing opportunities, media relations approach and social media strategies. The plan will include action steps, timelines, and measurable goals and objectives. The plan should inform the development of a brand for the regional trails system.

Below is a list of items identified by SJTPO to guide firms in understanding SJTPO’s needs for developing the Plan.

Evaluation of Current Landscape:

a. SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) for trails across the region

  1. Political landscape: support, or lack thereof, for trails
  2. Resource limitations (lack of funds, staff, etc.) as pertains to the decision to focus efforts/resources elsewhere
  3. Interest and ability to reach the public and promote trails at the municipal, county, and regional levels
  4. Review internal operations and assets and, where applicable, recommend additional communication resources needed to meet campaign goals
  5. Identification of partners in advancing trails
  6. Other elements, as identified by firms, to develop a complete picture of existing conditions as it pertains to communications
  7. Identify and prioritize markets and appropriate audiences for SJTPO, and partner agency, messaging

Communications Plan:

Develop a five-year communications plan that can be implemented by SJTPO and that includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Developed as an easily digestible front-facing “roadmap” that outlines communications priorities and a detailed communications implementation plan, to include: (at a minimum)
  2. Overall campaign strategy, and approach to outreach
  3. Overarching recommendations for branded content, including approach to website content, direct mail and email distribution, frequency for outreach, etc.
  4. Core and supporting messages by prioritized audiences, as well as proposed calls to action
  5. Earned media recommendations that might include pitch approaches, story lines, proposed outlets/blogs, recommended bloggers/digital influencers, opportunistic messaging over the course of the campaign years

Social media recommendations for social platforms, sample social content, recommended posting frequency, tracking and measurement:

  1. A rapid response framework that provides guidance for opportunistic and/or contingency outreach
  2. Influencer outreach recommendations to include local, regional, and  national government outreach, including where and how best for management team members to participate in local meetings and advocacy events
  3. The Plan should broadly address regional trails and specifically address up to 5 strategic key gaps/projects and address how to bring their story to life
  4. Brand Development
  5. Develop a brand for regional trails in the SJTPO region that is high quality, polished, identifiable and includes, but is not limited to
  6. A name and tagline for the regional trail network
  7. A logo and design guidelines for the regional trail network

Brand persona and voice:

  1. Branded marketing and communications templates, such as PowerPoint template, electronic stationary package, social media graphics, etc.

Due Date:

March 29th, 2018


782 South Brewster Road, Unit B6

Vineland, New Jersey 08361

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