Creative RFP Issued By Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site

Proposal Due Date: August 5, 2022 at 5pm

Submissions to: Stanton H. Hudson, Jr., Executive Director

Subject Line: Exhibits Upgrades/Improvements


The Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site (TR Site) underwent a major evolution a dozen

years ago. It took an extraordinary team effort, including the visionary TR Site Board and staff. The

“Wilcox Mansion” was transformed from a stereotypical historic house museum into what is now one of

the Buffalo area’s most popular attractions, with an immersive, multi-media and interactive interpretive

approach. With visitation doubling since 2009, there has been a clear return on the initial $850,000


Changing technologies and industry trends continue to push museums and cultural attractions towards

finding new ways to deliver content, entertain visitors, and remain relevant. When deciding where to

spend their limited time and money, families are choosing from a dizzying myriad of competing choices.

Since its transformation, the TR Site has made few substantial investments or updates to its exhibits,

technologies, and interpretive program. The fact that visitation remains high is a testament to the quality

of the existing messages and the presentation techniques, as well as to the TR Site’s rich programming,

public outreach, and adroit marketing.

But it is time for another step forward.

It is time to look at where the TR Site is succeeding, where it can build on its accomplishments, where it

can enhance the exhibits and docent presentations, and how it can position itself for growth during the

next ten years.

Boston Productions, Inc. (BPI), the firm with which the TR Site originally partnered, met with the TR Site’s

staff, volunteers, and executive leadership to discuss the strengths and opportunities to improve the

visitor experience, and to learn about why some exhibits are working, and how others are not. BPI

toured the house, as visitors, as well as AV technicians and designers, to experience the successes and

challenges in person.

As a result of this formative research, a report was produced, the purpose of which was:

• To identify exhibits and AV experiences that need updating and/or repairing so that the venue can

continue to run efficiently,

• To identify items that can be updated for operations and maintenance cost savings,

• To recommend changes to the Site’s technologies and/or exhibits for enhancement of the visitor

experience and content delivery, and

• To provide cost estimates, and prioritization, for the items noted above.

This report is a road map, and the beginning of the TR Site’s next steps. It identified tactical short-term

improvements as well as longer-term strategies for keeping the TR Site relevant, vibrant, and a leader in

the narrative about the inauguration of one of the nation’s most consequential presidents and his

enduring legacy.


The Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site Foundation is seeking a full-service exhibit design, fabrication,

and installation firm (Exhibit Contractor). Exhibit Contractor will also provide audio-visual systems design

and integration. In addition, Exhibit Contractor will provide overall project management oversight.

Before work commences, Exhibit Contractor is expected to take field measurements and is responsible

for ensuring accuracy of all measurements. Exhibit Contractor is expected to create shop drawings based

on dimensioned design intent drawings when appropriate, and to assemble an audiovisual packet that

includes audiovisual signal drawings and equipment specifications. Exhibit Contractor is responsible for

any required engineering reviews to ensure safety and stability. Further descriptions are outlined below:

o Project Management Scope: Exhibit Contractor is expected to appoint an overall project

manager who will oversee the creation and approval of shop drawings, coordinate labor/crew,

oversee quality of on and off-site work, act as on-site manager for installation, and punch list

management. The Project Manager will act as the point-of-contact for Museum Staff and other

project consultants. We will expect the Project Manager to attend regular fabrication/

installation coordination meetings that occur at the Museum.

o Fabrication Scope: Exhibit Contractor will detail, build, and install all exhibitry.

o Exhibitry scope:

✔ Mock up, build, and install all exhibitry including any necessary section platforms,

frames for graphics, audiovisual casing, and interpretive panels

o Materiality scope:

✔ Build and submit mock ups as required. The mock ups should include samples of images,

interpretive panels, and surrounding mounts for monitor audiovisual pieces. Approved

mock ups will be incorporated into the exhibits’ final installation.

✔ Submit samples, materials, and product specifications for review and approval before


o Graphics scope:

✔ Provide graphic samples

✔ Color match and test prints for large scale murals

✔ Test, produce, and install all graphics

✔ Graphic final artwork will be provided to Exhibit Contractor by exhibit designer

o Base building scope

✔ Prep and paint exhibit walls

o Audiovisual scope: Exhibit Contractor will provide the following audiovisual services:

✔ Acoustic design and audio equipment, mounting, and other material(s)


✔ Projector studies and projection equipment, mounting, and material(s)


✔ Data and power electrical work to audiovisual components

✔ Optional (depending on selected firm):

● Audiovisual equipment specifications, mounting, and installation

● Audiovisual installation and show control programming

o Labor Expectations: Exhibit Contractor should assume work will take place outside of operating

hours. The Museum will allow quiet construction and building deliveries to take place during the

day. However, loud construction and delivery of materials and equipment will need to be done

outside of operating hours.

✔ Exhibit Contractor shall use such labor as will work in harmony with other contractors

and staff and that work will progress smoothly and without delay.

✔ The Museum will define areas of the Museum that Exhibit Contractor can and cannot


✔ Food is not allowed in the Museum with the exception of a break room that Exhibit

Contract or is welcome to use.

✔ Operational hours are from approximately 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. seven days a week. On

occasion, there are nighttime events hosted in the Museum that might result in an even

later start time.

✔ For credentialed access to the Museum, Exhibit Contractor will need to fulfill the

Museum’s security requirements. This includes submission of crew names and

information to the Museum’s Human Resources representative for required background

checks. In addition, all required paperwork must be completed and returned to the

Museum for processing. Once all approvals have been issued, contractor staff and crew

will receive individual credentials that allow access to the site. These must be worn at all

times when on site.

o Project Schedule:

✔ Contract to be awarded on or before August 5, 2022

✔ Work is expected to begin directly after contracting and COI approval

✔ Off-site fabrication: August 8-September 9

✔ On-site installation: September 12-October 28


o A portfolio of one to three related projects. Please focus on permanent exhibitions you have

built that match our expected scope of services. With each project, please provide client square

footage, period of time your firm devoted to fabrication/installation, and which services your

firm provided.

o Completed pricing sheet indicating a full and complete price for all aspects of the exhibits as

indicated in this package. Please provide comprehensive line item costs. If a cost is not

specifically requested in the bid form, this does not relieve Exhibit Contractor from providing a

full and complete bid.

o Project staffing plan including resumes of key personnel indicated to work on the project,

particularly the designated project manager.

o Project approach including a logistics plan, material delivery and access plan, plan for project

management, as well as confirmation of Exhibit Contractor’s labor relations with necessary

unions. Please also consider staging and storage for your materials and tools.

o Insurance certificates naming the Foundation as certificate holder, indicating types and amounts

0f insurance coverage.

o List of subcontractors (if applicable) who are anticipated to provide work representing more than

10% of the contract price. The Foundation reserves the right to request the replacement of a

particular subcontractor if its performance and/or quality are not acceptable to the Foundation.

Questions should be submitted to, Subject: Exhibit RFP Questions


Bids for this scope of work should be submitted by August 5, 2022.

Firms will be asked to come to the TR Site’s offices for an interview the week of August 8, 2022.

The Foundation will select a firm by August 12, 2022.      

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