Creative RFP Issued By South Dakota

Creative RFP Issued By South Dakota

The Department of Social Services’ Office of Recoveries and Fraud Investigation is seeking to increase education and raise awareness about SNAP trafficking in South Dakota. The Department has $200,000 available for the development of the campaign. The funding for this campaign is fully supported by federal funds issued through Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Recipient Integrity Education Grant. The Offeror will produce materials highlighting what SNAP trafficking is, what the consequences of SNAP trafficking are, and how to report it.

Scope of Work:


The Offeror will work collaboratively with State staff on creative development including the following: advertising concepts, messages, themes, slogans, design of advertising and publication layouts, copywriting for video, radio, television, social and digital media, a high quality digital photo collection (South Dakota specific), design of promotional items, and web development. The Offeror will provide either the originals or reproducible copies in quantities and formats satisfactory to the State of all creative and marketing communications materials, technical data, evaluations, reports and other work products within 30 days of final State approval.

The Offeror shall propose and outline specific educational materials which meet the needs outlined within this Scope of Work to include the cost of each specific material type. The Offeror will be responsible for analysis and recommendations of current website functions, marketing and public relations tactic recommendations, plan development and place execution to include brand development, creative services, public relations and an evaluation of plan components.


The Offeror will be required to evaluate media and provide schedules that deliver advertising in appropriate media environments to the specified audience efficiently and at satisfactory levels. The

Offeror will be asked to evaluate and execute media plans which may include television, radio, print, social, digital and out-of-home media outlets.


The Offeror will maintain, track, monitor, provide reports and implement strategies to increase reach and engagement for the campaign. The Offeror may also be asked to explore emerging social media, mobile, and native advertising opportunities in South Dakota media outlets. The Offeror will need to develop, write and schedule 6 months’ worth of social media posts for all mediums appropriate for the target audience.


The Offeror will be responsible for developing and designing documents in formats suitable for print and web, for printing of advertising, public relations, and promotional materials, and for procurement of promotional items. The Offeror will be responsible for conducting focus groups to gain feedback regarding the rebranding theme, logo, slogan, etc. and report results back to the Department.


The Offeror will work collaboratively with State staff on public relations efforts including but not limited to the following: talking points, press releases, op-eds, media kits and event planning and coordination. The Offeror will provide expertise in use of appropriate digital communication strategies and Internet- based communication tools which may include elements like longer-form videos and native advertising.


The Offeror will execute evidence-based advertising and marketing campaign strategies through analysis of national, regional and state research. The Offeror will refine strategies with qualitative or quantitative research methods, including but not limited to focus groups, surveys, online testing, etc. to pre- test strategies, concepts, slogans or messages. Particular importance will be placed on the Offeror’s ability to produce a research-driven media campaign, including audience delivery, cost and efficiency analysis.


The Offeror will be required to produce messages in video appropriate for digital and social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), DVD, TV and or motion picture quality formats satisfactory to the State. The Offeror may be required to research the availability and success of outside sources of multimedia and procure these services for use in the South Dakota advertising campaign. Prior experience in these areas is preferred.

Due Date:

January 3rd, 2017


South Dakota Department of Social Services
Attention: Mark Close
700 Governors Drive
Pierre SD 57501-2291

Agencies with strong government experience include Cohn & Wolfe and APCO Worldwide.

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