Digital Media RFP Issued By Universal Service Fund


1. USF is entrusted by the Government of Pakistan to plan, auction &, subsidize communication network projects and services to un-served and under-served areas of Pakistan.


Universal Service Fund (USF) is a company incorporated under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 (the “Ordinance”), in accordance to Universal Service Fund Rules, 2006 (“USF Rules”) promulgated by Federal Government of Pakistan in exercise of the powers conferred under clause (ab) of Sub Section (2) of section 57 of the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996. The primary objective of USF is to plan, develop, finance and execute Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Telecommunication network projects and services to un-served and under-served areas of Pakistan. It designs and implements such projects from time to time to strengthen, equip and empower the society by providing sources of communication. USF intends to pre-qualify capable Firms/companies for following categories on as and when required basis;

➢ Category-1 = Digital Media Management

➢ Category-2 = Event Management

➢ Category-3 = Advertising

The technically qualified (responsive) bidders will be placed on USF’s panel list to provide the said services to the USF office on as and when required basis. The bidder (s) can participate for a single category or categories

Scope of Work:

1. USF will prequalify and enlist prospective Bidders from among those who will have submitted their proposals in accordance with the requirements of USF to provide Services described herein. The technically qualified (responsive) bidders shall be enlisted as prequalified bidders and an Open Framework Agreement(s) will be signed with them for provision of the aforesaid Services. All Prequalified bidders shall have to submit their financials proposals/quotations, on as and when required basis, and the work order shall be issued accordingly to lowest quoted qualified bidder(s).

2. The Proposals shall be prepared in the English/Urdu language.

3. USF shall reject any application in case of non-compliance with the requirements.

4. The Bidders must respond to all questions and provide complete information as advised in this document. Failure or shortcomings to provide required and essential information shall result in dis-qualification of the Applicant.

5. The prequalification or enlistment of Service providers does not constitute or create a retainership.

6. The Biddersshall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of their respective Proposals and USF will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the prequalification process.

The selected Firm/company, inter alia, shall perform following work for USF:

a) Social Media Planning and Strategy. 

b) Social Media Platforms to be Managed: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Medium and Blog.

c) Content Generation: The scope will include but will not be limited to populating, publishing and updating the content as and when required on 24X7 basis. Content will comprise the following:

i. Animated/static videos/GIFs/slide share including conceptualization, scripting, editing and voiceover

ii. Infographics iii. Descriptive content for posts

iv. Social media campaigns for USF programs\projects.

v. Cover Photos & Profile Pictures for Social Media Channels

vi. Designing and developing a visually appealing e-newsletter for the viewers with clickable links to latest news, project updates, articles, blogs, reports etc. present on the USF social media platforms.

d) Engagement with Audience. 

e) Publishing Articles. 

f) Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing. 

g) Reputation Management. 

h) Metric Reports: The Firm/company will provide real time access to the social media analytics/monitoring dashboards/tools to monitor real time analytics.

i) Query Management: All the queries received on the all platforms will be replied to and addressed within 24 hours.

j) Moderation of Feedback and Comments: Moderation of Feedback and Comments will be carried out on regular basis which will include keeping the social media platforms free from spam/advertisement/ inappropriate contents, appropriate tagging etc. 

k) Copyright: The Firm/company shall ensure that all copyrights are reserved for USF.

l) KPIs: Engagement and Reach

Due Date:

December 17 


Senior Officer Procurement Universal Service Fund 5th Floor, HBL Tower, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad

Relevant agencies include Zeno Group and Porter Novelli.

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