Digital RFP Issued By Old Port of Montreal

Old Port of Montreal Corporation Inc. (the “Company”) is an agent Crown Corporation that owns and operates the Old Port of Montreal and the Montreal Science Centre. The Company’s mandate consists of developing and promoting the development of the Old Port of Montréal’s territory, and of administering, managing, and maintaining the property as an urban recreational, tourism and cultural site.

Scope of Work

This Request for Proposal (the “RFP”) is being issued to solicit Proposals for the services of an advertising agency that will design and execute digital advertising campaigns for the Company’s two (2) distinct brands, and products: 

– the Old Port of Montreal;

– the Montreal Science Centre and its IMAX TELUS cinema; and

– any other product of the Company (the “Scope of Work”). This is described in more detail in the Scope of Work Schedule

The main objectives pursued through the various projects are to:

– maximize revenue generated

– increase attendance

– increase awareness of activities

The Old Port of Montreal is owned and operated by the Old Port of Montreal Corporation Inc., an affiliate of the Canada Lands Company, a self-funded federal Crown corporation that maximizes the financial and community value of properties that were previously owned by the Government of Canada.

The Old Port of Montreal is a 2.5 km recreational tourism destination for Montreal, regional, national, and international clienteles. It is characterized by very dense summer operations and a winter season that keeps growing year after year. It actively contributes to Montreal’s economic development by offering high quality cultural, tourism and recreational products, including the Clock Tower Beach, the ice rink, the Port d’escale marina and the Montreal Science Centre, which it manages. It is recognized as the most popular and busiest recreational tourist site in Quebec, with more than 6 million visitors annually; its urban and river setting offers Montrealers a unique maritime environment, and exposure to cultural and heritage events. 

The Montreal Science Centre operates twelve (12) months a year and has become a preferred destination for school groups and young families wishing to enjoy interactive, entertaining, and fun science and technology experiences. The Montreal Science Centre receives over 600,000 visitors annually.

The Montreal Science Centre offers four (4) permanent exhibitions, typically two (2) temporary exhibitions per year and various cultural action events. IMAX TELUS cinema receives more than 200,000 visitors annually with its two (2) large-scale productions presented on a giant screen with IMAX laser technology.

The Preferred Proponent may be asked to provide the following services:

a) Design and deploy effective digital campaigns in English and French. This work may include strategic analysis; consulting; making recommendations at the planning, deployment and analysis stages; producing digital materials (creating the campaign’s key visuals); creating entirely digital campaigns and optimizing campaigns on an ongoing basis. For several campaigns, the Preferred Proponent must work in collaboration with the advertising agency designated by the Company. 

b) Produce and edit videos to create varied content and increase campaign effectiveness.

c) SEO expertise: provide recommendations to enhance the online reputation, technical soundness, performance, and user experience (UX) of the Company’s websites. Write content that integrates SEO techniques. 

d) Plan and buy digital media placements: plan digital campaigns that support traditional media placements or that are completely digital. Maximize ad placements and budgets, purchase keywords, negotiate agreements, prepare production and broadcast timelines and calendars, ensure delivery of materials, and follow up with the concerned media. Submit detailed media plans including the impressions of each media outlet.

e) Help develop digital strategies for client acquisition and retention. Maximize performance of the Company’s websites and online sales and design landing pages for some campaigns.

f) Email marketing: make recommendations on email marketing strategies and how the Company’s email databases are performing.

g) Performance reports: work with the Company’s Marketing department to identify objectives, define performance indicators for each placement, and provide reports on findings and observations, in order to continuously improve work processes. Establish benchmarks for each brand.

h) Advise the Company about new digital trends and legislation.

i) Successful collaboration: cultivate a proactive and collaborative relationship with the Company and, as required, with the advertising agency designated by the Company.

j) Be able to travel as needed to attend meetings with the Company and/or its various partners and make visits to better understand the Company’s products.

Name: Rodolphe Deratte

Title: Manager, Procurement

Address: 333, de la Commune St. W. Montreal (QC)

H2Y 2E2, Canada

Phone #: 514-838-4524

E-mail address:

RFP Submission Deadline – February 9, 2022 11:00 am East (Quebec)

Anticipated Agreement Start Date – March 1st, 2022

MWWPR and KCSA PR are agencies to consider for this assignment.

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