Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau Seeks Marketing & Advertising Consultant

Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau is seeking a marketing and advertising consultant to conduct a marketing audit of past and current marketing, communications and advertising efforts to market the tourism assets of the city of Dodge City. The audit will be a tool to help the CVB identify its most urgent marketing and communications challenges, highlighting efforts which are successful and those which need improvement while serving as a basis to develop future marketing strategies.

The City is seeking an analysis of our current marketing efforts and new answers to the questions: Where do we go from here? How do we differentiate Dodge City from other communities? How do we measure return on investment? This proposal, should target visitors, have real-time assessment of how our messaging influences decisions to visit, be capable of showing a return on investment and performance measurements, and inspire visitors to extend their visit and return again in the future. Dodge City invites interested organizations to submit their qualifications for evaluation and potential selection as our partner and consultant in this effort.


Dodge City is a pure definition of the West, one of the most historic western cities in the nation, a gateway to history that began with the opening of the Santa Fe Trail by William Becknell in 1821. The name Dodge City is synonymous with some of the most notorious lawmen in western history, and by 1872 Dodge City was home to Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and the Masterson brothers.

Today, more than 400,000 guests relive the west by visiting the many attractions and events Dodge City has to offer. Dodge City leadership is positioning the community to become the entertainment destination of Southwest Kansas, with the Boot Hill Museum, Boot Hill Casino and Resort, United Wireless Arena, Boot Hill Casino and Resort Conference Center, Dodge City Raceway Park, Long Branch Lagoon Water Park and Western State Bank Expo Center. With the addition of the Boot Hill Distillery, Dodge City Brewing Company and improvements to historic downtown, Dodge City has even more to offer. The recent ground breaking for the six million dollar Boot Hill Museum expansion will be complete in May of 2020 and will feature both fixed and traveling exhibit space as well as a new gift shop.

Scope of Work:

The successful vendor will be expected to provide a final written report (5 hard copies and 1 digital file in PDF format) and make an oral presentation addressing the following:

·         Evaluate the Marketing Environment including but not limited to, customer demographics, competitors, and macro-environments.

·         Evaluate current marketing activities, products and offerings, including but not limited to, creative pieces: print, television, jingle and tag line.

·         Evaluate and review current website, blogs, social media and other digital placements content with an emphasis on objectives and implementation.

·         Determine and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness for an overall marketing activity plan and direction for tourism in the Dodge City community, including but not limited to, distribution of target markets, ad placements and publicity.

·         Recommend suggested distribution of marketing funds and emphasis based on other tourism DMO’s best practices and innovative approaches.

·         Outline opportunities to allow the community to develop and expand its reach beyond current target audiences.

·         The report should be a tool to help the Dodge City community identify its most urgent marketing and communications challenges, highlighting efforts which are successful and those which need improvement while serving as a basis to develop future marketing strategies and directions for tourism.

·         Provide a suggested Scope of Services and proposed budget to implement the scope.

Due Date:

March 12th, 2019. 


Jan Stevens, Director

Dodge City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

City of Dodge City

806 N. 2nd Avenue

PO Box 880

Dodge City, KS. 67801

Agencies with relevant experience includes W20 Group and Alison Brod PR.

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