Federal Prison Industries Seeks Digital Marketing Agency


The Business Development team is looking for a partner that can lead FPI into new opportunities and conversations. We are looking for a partner that can help us strategize, create, and execute compelling and inspiring digital marketing solutions that generate significant increases in revenue, build momentum, broaden interest, and deepen customer engagement.

If this is the type of partnership that is exciting to you, then we invite your firm to participate in this competitive solicitation for pricing, delivery, and terms of service to provide digital marketing services as detailed below.


Federal Prison Industries: The mission of Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (FPI) is to protect society and reduce crime by providing inmates with job training and practical work skills for reentry success. In 1934, federal legislation authorized the incorporation of FPI to manage, train, and rehabilitate inmates through employment. The hope was that providing inmates with marketable job skills would help to reduce the rate of recidivism. FPI sells products and services to federal agencies, and by law, must concentrate on providing products that permit the employment of the greatest number of inmates as is reasonably possible. FPI is a wholly-owned government corporation managed by the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Bureau of Prisons (BOP), with nearly 17,000 inmates employed in FPI factories in 2019. As of February 2020, FPI operates 57 factories, and there are 122 federal correctional institutions. FPI’s operations are intended to be economically self-sustaining, as the program does not receive annual appropriations. With over 86 years of proven results, Federal Prison Industries believes in “the power of work to transform lives”.

Scope of Work:

Strategic planning, implementation, data analysis, and optimization of the following:

a. Website: Design and implement a new website and online store utilizing the latest technology and styling cues to optimize the User Experience (UX). Evaluate the current website and online store functionality and develop requirements and recommendations for any enhancements to the website and online store functionality to improve the customer experience

b. Martech Stack (more details in below section): guide the well thought out expansion of the FPI stack.

c. Content Marketing: provide genuinely relevant and useful content targeted to our prospects and customers to deepen engagement and to grow relevant communities that inspire customers and influencers.

d. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): provide strategies and implementation recommendations to increase organic search visibility for relevant topics and keywords to support our revenue goals.

e. Email Marketing & Automation: provide email marketing strategy and support inclusive of copywriting and email design.

f. Digital Advertising: provide digital advertising strategy, creative, and media plans to deliver on identified key performance indicators and return on ad spend by utilizing a mix inclusive of Google AdWords, paid search, social, display, and other advertising categories. 

g. Social Media Growth & Engagement: create content, deepen conversations, grow communities, and inspire influencers.

h. Measurement & optimization: develop testing and optimization strategy, implement ongoing testing and optimization plan, and provide recurring reporting on leading and lagging Key Performance Indictors (KPIs).

Federal Prison Industries Martech Stack

● CMS: Custom application built to FPI specifications/requirements

● CRM Marketing Automation/ESP: Currently Salesforce (new installation)

● Optimization and Analysis: None

● ERP: current SAP ECC, transitioning to SAP S4/Hana

● DAM: None 

● Video: AVID Media Composer for editing and Prism for file compression

Due Date:

Friday, July 31, 2020 @ 2:00 PM EST.



Firms worth considering include Magrino Partners and 5WPR.

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