Florida Department of Agriculture Issues Media RFP


The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS or Department), Division of Marketing and Development (Division), seeks to enter into a contractual services agreement with a highly-qualified vendor that specializes in marketing, media planning and media buying.


Pursuant to Section 570.53(3), Florida Statutes, the Division is tasked with “Stimulating, encouraging and fostering the production and consumption of agricultural products and conducting activities that may foster a better understanding and more efficient cooperation among producers, buyers, food editors and the consuming public in the promotion and marketing of Florida agricultural products”. The scope of this ITN is one part of the marketing effort to accomplish these goals

Scope of Work:

The goal for this effort is for of the Department to partner with a marketing firm that has a commitment to promoting Florida agricultural and seafood products. This partnership will elevate consumer awareness of the “Fresh From Florida” brand to increase sales of Florida agricultural and seafood products and, through these efforts, direct consumers to join the Fresh from Florida Club, a consumer loyalty program focused on the “Fresh From Florida” brand. Measurable results will include: increased brand awareness, sales lift, increased social media engagements and memberships in the consumer loyalty program and contact acquisition. The Department anticipates that additional media campaigns may also be included on an as needed basis.


The Department anticipates several marketing campaigns that may utilize one or all of the services below. The vendor selected shall be qualified to provide all of the following services:

• Marketing Plan – Develop a marketing plan to reach the target audience(s) with proposed event activations, media mix, and metrics for measuring results.

• Media Planning and Buying – Projects may include, but are not limited to, planning and placing all types of media and marketing activities such as TV, cable, radio, digital, print, social, outdoor, etc.

• Added Value – Added value should be included in the marketing plan.

• Creative Design/Consulting Services – Creative services may be needed to supplement internal creative work provided by the Division. An allowance for these services, up to 80 – hours per contract year, will be provided. Projects may include, but are not limited to, creating and designing digital ads, creating print ads, preparing POP materials, billboards video and webpage design.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan should include development of multi-level campaigns utilizing strategic partnerships. The most valuable strategic partnerships are with retailers with the greatest opportunity for product movement. Increased awareness and strength of the “Fresh From Florida” brand is directly aligned with the success of retail campaigns and the sales of Florida agricultural products. Campaigns shall include, but not be limited to, objective measurements that increase sales of Florida agricultural products, loyalty program engagement, lead generations, contact acquisitions, impressions, purchase data and reported sales. Seasonality of Florida agricultural products drive the timing of campaigns within the plan.

Media Plan

The media plan should promote the sale of agricultural products through awareness and through engagement with the “Fresh From Florida” website (followfreshfromflorida.com) and social media pages. The media campaign is used to increase awareness of the “Fresh From Florida” brand to influence purchasing behavior and ultimately drive sales of Fresh From Florida products. For the initial contract year, it is anticipated that digital and social media will be the primary type of media due to budget constraints.


Implementation: November – May of each contractual year

Target Audience

Female Resident of Florida Age 25-54 Household income of $50,000 or more Responsible for or share grocery shopping responsibilities for household Purchase fresh produce and seafood

Target Markets

• All ten designated market areas (DMAs) in Florida which include: Tampa/St. Petersburg, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando/Daytona Beach/Melbourne, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, West Palm Beach/Ft. Pierce, Ft. Myers, Pensacola, Gainesville and Panama City.

• Southeastern United States in conjunction with key retailers. Key Performance Indicators

• Brand awareness (pre and post) measured through impressions and ultimately recall analysis.

• Sales lift measured through purchase data, retail campaigns that create assists.

• Number of loyalty memberships.

• Number of website visits.

• Number of followers.

• Number of consumer exposures, engagements.


The following items constitute the project deliverables for each service:

a) Marketing Plan

1. Marketing Plan – The marketing plan shall include the planned partnerships, media mix, target markets, flights, point levels, impressions and conversions. The marketing plan shall be presented at least one (1) month prior to campaign start date.

b) Media Planning and Buying

1. Media Schedules – Media schedules shall be provided at least six (6) weeks prior to campaign start date. Schedules shall include dates, times, programs/websites/social media outlets, estimated reach and frequency and television stations (if broadcast) and total rating points or estimated impressions. The Department reserves the right to approve or revise the media schedules as needed.

2. Monthly Reports – Monthly reports shall include the status of marketing activities or media buys. Monthly reports shall be submitted electronically by the 15th of the following month through Salesforce platform reporting data base.

3. Final Report – Three (3) printed written final reports and an electronic version shall be delivered to the Department summarizing all activities, identifying impressions, successes, measurements, added value, evaluating campaign effectiveness using recall and awareness and success reaching KPI’s and making recommendations for possible future marketing strategies and efforts. The reports are due no later than 30 days after end of campaign.

c) Added Value

1. Pre-Campaign Added Value Report – The summary of negotiated added value planned for campaigns shall be provided prior to each campaign launch and include a summary of planned added value, dollar value and estimated percentage of overall buys.

2. Final Added Value Report – This report shall include a recap of all added value received during the campaign. The report shall include elements provided in each market, the media value of each item, impressions and all backup including images, tear sheets, screen shots, affidavits, DVDs/videos. The final added value report shall be due thirty (30) days after the end of each phase/flight.

Due Date:

January 27, 2021 5:00 PM


FDACS Purchasing Office 407 South Calhoun Street SB-8 Mayo Building Tallahassee, FL 32399

Finn Partners and 5WPR are agencies worth considering for this assignment.

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