Fort Worth, Texas Needs Public Relations Firm

The City of Fort Worth (City) invites participation in the Request for Proposals (RFP) for qualified graphic design, public relations, branding and marketing firm to assist in the branding of the City’s two airports – Meacham and Spinks Airports. The Airports seek a clear, iconic visual identity, with supporting components that reflect their mission with strong graphic design images and complementary advertising and marketing services.

Scope of Work:

Methodology – The discovery and planning phase is where the project plans are documented, the project deliverables and requirements defined and the project schedule created. This phase will involve creating a plan and the documentation needed to help guide our teams through the execution and closure phases. The plans created during this phase will help both parties manage time, cost, quality, change, risk and related issues. It will also ensure we deliver the project on time, within schedule and on budget.

Specific to this scope of work, project planning enables us to:

  • Perform marketing and communications audits – inclusive of a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis
  • Leverage internal studies, research conducted through interviews and dialogue with various stakeholders, customers and the community
  • Establish and clearly define short-term objectives and long-term goals
  • Determine metrics for measuring and evaluating success

Project Management – All requests for requirements changes will be tracked and managed through our change request forms, which detail the requested changes, associated costs and affected time lines. Change requests are not submitted as viable work requests within the agency until the client has provided written approval indicating a full understanding of the request, associated cost and possible impacts on the schedule.

Approach to documentation and monthly status reports – The Account Team lead will provide monthly written status reports to the City. The reports shall include the following information tracked against the project plan:

  • Summary of tasks completed in previous month
  • Summary of tasks scheduled for completion in the next month
  • Summary of issue status and resolutions
  • End of year photo collage of all services provided

Status Client/Agency meeting – These status meetings will be held on an as needed basis either via conference call or in person meetings and are coordinated by the account manager. Ideally, every member of the account and client team participates in the meeting. The account manager will send a status report to each member of the team prior to the meeting so everyone can review it in advance.

Project Startup – Consultant will use the full measure of the city’s resources and affiliations including the Office of Economic Development, Fort Worth Convention Center, area Chamber of Commerce, business and community leaders, hospitality, hotel and restaurant associations to help:

  • Establish clear, quantifiable goals and performance metrics
  • Identify target audience(s) needs, attributes, must-haves
  • Evaluate current programs and resources offered by Fixed-Based Operators (FBO) and facilities to ensure premium services and arrangements are being offered for guests, passengers, pilots and planes. Prearranged services/rates for: hotels, car services, restaurants, resorts (spa/wellness) as well as area cultural, sports and retail attractions.
  • Facilitate stakeholder interviews, surveys and community focus groups to drive brand strategies and overall marketing and communication efforts


  • Develop marketing brochures for each Airport.
  • Graphic design and branding services for other marketing materials, as requested by the Aviation Department staff.
  • Provide on-call services for graphic design, videography, photography and marketing, as requested by the Aviation Department staff.
  • Provide Printing services for brochures, direct mail, business cards, envelopes, banners, posters, etc., as requested by the Aviation Department staff.
  • Provide print ready photographs of each Airport for use in marketing materials (300 dots per inch (dpi) minimum), as requested by the Aviation Department staff.

Due Date:

February 22, 2018






FORT WORTH, TEXAS 76102-6314

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