Four Ways Law Firms can Maximize Online Marketing

Getting more traffic on your website, more phone calls, and more ongoing referrals is essential to building a client base in a law firm. Between Google, Facebook, SEO and online reviews, there are a lot of things to consider when determining what marketing tactics work for your law firm.

Your marketing plan should always begin with an aim to build a reputable brand and website. This should be followed by strategies to bring people to your website and hopefully convert them into loyal clients. The best way to achieve a strong and loyal client base is to create a brand that ensures your firm is the first thing that pops into their head when they need legal advice and help.

Here are some tactics for law firms to maximize their marketing potential:

1.    Website Optimization

The key mistake people make with their website is creating it as just a homepage or contact us page. A website needs to be a tool to build your customer base, i.e. convert visitors to customers. As a first step in website design, law firms should be asking themselves what their target customers would want in a law firm, or what would make a target customer choose this particular firm as their source of legal information and support.

The answer to these questions should determine how the website is designed and what information is front and centre on the website. Also, keep in mind, there are three key things to a good website: easy to navigate, fast to load, and very importantly, the brand and messaging should be clear. 


2.    Make it Easy for Mobile Users

Most people have smartphones that they use for almost anything you can think of! Smartphones are easily portable, accessible and quick to use. Mobile devices are undoubtedly taking over desktops and laptops as the go-to device for finding goods and services, even legal expertise. 

So if you’ve gone through all that trouble to create a stellar website, but the website isn’t mobile-friendly, then that’s a lot of effort down the drain. Ensure your content is also easily readable on a mobile device and the firm’s contact details are easily accessible.


3.    Highlight Your Expertise

Set yourself apart from other law firms by positioning your firm as an expert in your geographical and practice areas. This can be achieved by sharing posts and information related to your expertise and answering frequently asked questions. As a result, visitors to your website will have more trust in your legal know-how and abilities, and trust is key to building a loyal client base.

Furthermore, establish yourself as the go-to when it comes to legal information on certain legal topics and people will immediately think of your firm when they encounter legal issues.


4.    Create Rich and Helpful Content

Being a law firm shouldn’t hold you back from making exciting and rich content to attract and engage visitors. There are many avenues for content marketing, from texts to infographics to videos. Be creative with your content – for example, maybe a video might be a more informational and interesting way to explain legal aspects than simpl text.

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