Free Press Release Distribution During a Crisis

Press Release During Crisis

Business Wire and PR Newswire are both offering free release distribution for Haiti-related earthquake news. The PR companies provide a valuable community service this way, and we can trust that their kindness will not be abused by companies looking to gain obscure advantages (like back links, social media buzz, etc), since both Business Wire and PR Newswire are known for careful scrutiny over everything that populates the web under their brands.

The companies announced on January 14 the intention to provide complimentary access to their distribution networks for organizations and companies with critical press releases related to the Haiti earthquake. With Business Wire, the offer also includes support services, information, operations and events directly related to aiding in the earthquake rescue and recovery efforts.

At its turn, PR Newswire announced that it will waive fees through midnight on Sunday, January 17 for U.S. organizations that wish to communicate their efforts of assistance to media and public audiences in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, in addition to the many academics, activists, CSR investment houses, NGOs, educational institutions and government bodies served by PR Newswire’s corporate social responsibility partner, CSRwire.

“By granting access to our vast communications network, PR Newswire can assist those organizations who are announcing initiatives to aid the victims of the earthquake in Haiti get their important messages to their intended audiences. Our customers and employees have come to expect that PR Newswire will offer our assistance in times of crisis such as this, and we are very happy to be able to do so,” said Scott Mozarsky, executive vice president, PR Newswire.

Other PR companies soon followed the lead, O’Dwyer’s PR Blog reports, like WestGlen Communications and Spectrum. O’Dwyer’s also mentioned that MWW Group president/CEO Michael Kempner has a blog post listing organizations that can use support in their relief efforts.

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