Geothermal Resources Council Issues Marketing RFP

Geothermal Resources Council Issues Marketing RFP
Geothermal Resources Council Issues Marketing RFP

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) is seeking proposals for assistance with developing our marketing plan, promotional materials, and website. The GRC has the vision to raise the recognition and acceptance of geothermal energy across society. We have focused our vision on a strategy to connect with local people and companies on the ground in our industry, to bring people together in research, industry, and government, and to collaborate with partner organizations, thought leaders and decision-makers around the globe.

We will be developing sharp and modern public relations that reach out across society to help promote awareness of geothermal energy: from the general public and school children, through to decision-makers at the highest levels. We are transforming into an association that fights for geothermal energy to be mainstream, to bring our energy into the public conscience as much as other technologies because we recognize that society needs geothermal in the future transition to clean and renewable energy.

The goal of the GRC is to build a marketing plan and website for the organization and for the geothermal community and industry that targets our organization’s mission.

                a) Achieve increased active engagement with people looking for information on the GRC and our activities – “GRC Marketing”;

                b) Enhance and extend our exposure, engagement, and communications on the characteristics and benefits of geothermal energy – “Geothermal Energy Campaign”.

The audience for our marketing, therefore, consists of a broad range of people: members and non-members; inside or outside the geothermal community and industry; and society at large, including the general public, academia, industry and government.


Selection of the contractors and final Scope of Work will be performed by GRC Executive Director, Dr. Will Pettitt, with final budget approval by the Board of Directors.

The GRC is a non-profit professional association for the geothermal industry and community. We were founded in 1972 and are headquartered in Davis, California.

Our mission is to advance our industry by supporting the development of geothermal energy resources through communication of robust research, knowledge and guidance. With over 1200 members in 44 countries, the GRC is active around the world, paying attention to the needs of our members in any state or country. With the experience and dedication of its diverse membership bolstering a 48-year track record, the GRC has built a solid reputation as the world’s largest geothermal direct-membership organization.

The GRC Annual Meeting & Expo is the geothermal industry’s flagship annual tradeshow and technical conference. Attendees at our Annual Meeting reflect the global nature of the geothermal industry, with over 1000 visitors representing 33 countries, 240 companies, and 40 universities at our meeting in Reno, Nevada, in 2018. The GRC has been successfully delivering this meeting each year since 1986.

We actively seek to expand our role as a dynamic and diverse professional association for the geothermal community. In 2018, the two major U.S.-based professional and industry organizations, the Geothermal Energy Association and the Geothermal Resources Council consolidated under the GRC name.

Scope of Work:

The following Scope of Work Outline is intended to guide applicants on the core requirements of the GRC in this important project for our organization and geothermal community. The outline aligns with the two objectives for this work. The actual proposed scope is the responsibility of the applicant.

The intention is that contracted parties will be working closely with GRC staff and the Executive Director throughout all efforts so as to effectively deliver the work plan.

1) Marketing Plan and Geothermal Energy Campaign

                a) Organization Name and Branding

                                • Review the name of our organization, “Geothermal Resources Council”, based on available information, and provide a recommendation whether a new name should be                                                 included in branding improvements.

                                • Review the name of our annual conference, “GRC Annual Meeting & Expo”, and provide a recommendation of whether a new name should be considered.

                                • Review GRC branding, recommend improvements and develop any critical branding materials needed for the development of a next-generation website (including name, new logo, color scheme, tag lines, public profile, document and slide design schemes etc.).

                                • Compile a brand and style guide that informs the visual elements of every externally- visible expression of our brand.

                b) GRC Marketing and Communication Strategy

                                • Review the GRC’s mission, purpose, and activities undertaken to further the mission, to provide any strategic guidance in terms of marketing and communications.

                                • Review current marketing and communications strategies (e.g., news blog, community magazine, social media) for effectiveness and impact.

                                • Review available materials to assemble a marketing and communications plan for the GRC that aims to expand the promotion of GRC activities and improve engagement outside the organization.

                                • It is not expected that this phase of work include implementation of any recommended activities, but cost estimates should be provided for future phases for budgeting purposes.

                c) Geothermal Energy Campaign

                                • Develop a marketing plan to promote geothermal energy.

                                • The goal of the plan is to increase geothermal deployment and social acceptance through increased engagement with government, industry, academia and the general public.

                                • Review available materials, especially Strategic Outreach Plan, and other strategic planning documents.

                                • The plan should include a prioritized list of audiences to target and ideas for marketing activities that would be funded as new budget allows.

                                • Identify quantifiable metrics for assessing the impact of the marketing plan with annual and out-year goals so that progress can be tracked.

                                • It is not expected that this phase of work include implementation of any recommended activities, but cost estimates should be provided for future phases for budgeting purposes.

                2) Website Redesign and Development

                                • Develop a new website design with a new Content Management System (CMS).

                                • Port information over to the new website and provide new content buildout where needed, to produce a successful launch of a new website before December 31, 2020.

                                • Configure the website CMS so that GRC staff can continue to maintain and update both content and basic website organization with minimal input from contractors in the long term – GRC staff are expected to be included in the new website buildout so that on-the-job training is provided as it’s developed.

                                • Incorporate design elements that give all GRC web technologies a homogeneous and modern look and feel whilst increasing visibility of information, ease of access for visitors, and enhance the general experience.

                                • Appropriately consider Security; Accessibility; Branding; Search Engine Optimization (SEO); and development of an additional revenue stream (through online advertising).

                                • Capture existing geothermal energy information and promotions contained on the GRC website – the specific parts to be developed by the designers with consideration of the marketing planning described above.

                                • Develop a flexible and adaptable portal for visitors inside and outside the geothermal community that want to explore information, and educate themselves, on geothermal energy.

                                • The design of the portal needs to consider the scope of activities developed in the marketing planning described above (note that it is not expected to perform any new content buildout related to the campaign in the website development budget proposed here).

                                • It is expected that new website content will be part of a project extension and new budget as funding allows.

The choice of website CMS should be carefully explored and agreed with the Executive Director with consideration of the information required on the GRC website, how it is structured together, and how it can be maintained – these parts can be summarized as a) membership information on GRC and online utilities; b) Annual Meeting & Expo; c) other GRC networking and education activities such as workshops, webinars, etc.; d) access to the library database; e) online news blog; f) Geothermal Energy Campaign.

Due Date:

November 15, 2019


Estela Smith

(530) 758-2360

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Zeno Group.

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