Hot for the holidays: Which toys are riding a wave this year

Thirty years ago, it was Teddy Ruxpin and Cabbage Patch that were the most sought-after Christmas gifts. Then, ten years later, there was the Year of Tickle Me Elmo, when retailers saw every iteration of the cuddly, red Muppet fly off the shelves. But what are the hottest items for this holiday season?

This year, the top go-to toys are a mixed bag of mostly electronic items that, retailers hope, entice parents to buy and truly capture kids’ imaginations. Then there are the extremely low-tech surprises that seem to come out of nowhere to make the list every year. Let’s take a look at a few of the top toys of the holidays in 2017.


They are adorable and simple. These tiny monkeys hang from hands and cling to fingers, reacting to sound, touch, and motion thanks to sensors in their heads. These interactive little guys will delight kids. Blow kisses and they smooch right back at you. Fingerlings also sing, dance, and let you rock them to sleep.


Back again this year, Hatchimals is adding to their already popular lineup. Yes, the critters still hatch from an egg “on its own,” but, this year, you might get twins. You may get identical twins or fraternal twins, but, either way, the Hatchimals still interact with the kids and they “mature” as they “grow.”

Nintendo Switch

While the NES Classic Edition was the hit (and miss) of last year’s holiday season, 2017 is definitely the year of The Switch. The Nintendo Switch is the company’s swing for the fences in an attempt to turn the two-way game for gaming supremacy into a three-way race. With portability, versatility and a growing number of games, The Switch may just win that battle, at least this season.

The Mini

This sophomore outing from the company that brought us the popular BB-8 Star Wars droid now offers another interactive tech toy. Using facial expressions and directional movement of the head, kids can control the movement of the Mini.


Once again, the tech gifts of this year depend heavily on cute and kitschy to sell well. And, why not, it’s always worked before. This time, though, there’s a bit of a twist. The Kamigami actually blends the science of toy robot building with the ancient art of origami. It’s an interesting combination that may just delight millions of kids.

These are just a few of the “must have” toys for 2018. Strong PR firms for the toy industry include 5WPR and Coyne PR.

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