Iran Public Relations Firms: Who Will See Growth With Lifting of Sanctions

Iran PR Firms

After recent news of Iran having sanctions lifted, we could see an immediate surge of business for the top local PR agencies in the region – Everything PR News has decided to highlight the top companies for you.

With a historic peace accord in Iran, and the lifting of sanctions, many industries will see expansion and success in the region. According to NBC News, travel and tourism will be the first expected to boom – yet surely the public relations industry will also grow.  Would Omnicom or IPG or one of the large acquisition companies acquire a PR firm in Iran?

If you are looking for a great PR company in Iran, then check out these agencies:



Badkoobeh has offices located in Tehran. They are a full-service agency featuring e-marketing services and more to their clients. They work with partner companies, Roya-e-Talaie Shahr and Toranj Studio for media planning and buying as well as film and teaser production. Badkoobeh’s website indicates creative, smart thinkers.



Fourmind focuses on the quality of its account management, client relationship management, creative thinking, and innovative design. The services of the company are very user-friendly, and client satisfaction is high. You are almost guaranteed to get some great PR when you work with Fourmind.

Magnolia Agencies

Magnolia Agencies

With both national and international clients, Magnolia Advertising Agencies has the ability to provide international experience to local clients and local knowledge to international clients. This two-way flow of understanding ensures a comprehensive campaign getting all the details right. Magnolia Advertising provides for their clients’ everyday needs and long-term goals.

Eshareh Ad Agency

Eshareh Ad Agency

Established in 1996 as an advertising agency, Esharah has grown to encompass every facet of communications. They focus on being a long-term partner with their clients because their growth is connected to the growth of their clients. With an emphasis on creativity, Eshareh Ad Agency stands out as one of the best PR companies in Iran.

Any of these companies would be ideal for PR work in Iran – and its unlikely that a company not based here would be able to succeed in reaching the local market. These are the companies that have experienced and creative teams ready to create campaigns that will succeed – in this middle east region.

One wonders if an outsider would come in and buy a public relations companies in Iran – now that would be innovative thinking in the PR business.


  1. Reza says

    This list is just a joke. PGt Advertising is the oldest and 1st PR Agency in Iran – also handles 360 degrees of Marketing Communications & Solutions for it’s clients. Hundreds of PR success stories.

  2. Ali says

    these are ad agencies. why the list is so out of date? the only company who claim that focused on PR, is Mana-Payam which there is no success story with them!

  3. dingledong says

    hehe…does Richard D. Pace have a clue? There’s not a single PR firm in this list.

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