KIDOZ 2.0 Makes Email Fun for Kids

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KIDOZ, kid-friendly browser, has released the latest version of its product. Having created a browsers specifically designed for children to use under their parents supervision, KIDOZ’s version 2.0 has one new feature that really takes the product to the next level. The inclusion of private email messaging seems like something that would go against the protective measures taken for the KIDOZ web browser, but having email messaging in this kind of a product is exactly what children need for their own correspondence purposes.

The KIDOZ browser is a safe and secure, downloadable product that allows children to interact with the web as well as with each other, giving parents the peace of mind needed when letting the kids loose on the web. Incorporating email messaging was a big step for KIDOZ, and it was smart of the company to wait until version 2.0 to release this particular feature. The ability for KIDOZ to safely integrate email messaging into its web browser was best left as a feature upgrade, giving the company an opportunity to first establish itself with parents and kids.

In setting up its foundation for the kid-safe web browser, KIDOZ is able to take a top-down approach to its new email messaging system. The new feature works by giving children a drawing board with animated backgrounds and stickers that they can place on their message. The emails operate in each child’s virtual room, which is also customizable. The ability to further customize messages with animations and stickers gives children an opportunity to express their personal creativity in the content they create for the specific purpose of sharing it with another user.

These other users are pre-approved by parents, minimizing the need for constant and ongoing supervision of the kids’ behavior. Added personalization options for the KIDOZ messaging center are available with the upgraded pro account, which includes all the premium features.

Already, you can see that the KIDOZ approach to sending and receiving messages is vastly different from what we’ve come to expect from regular email. The way in which messages are created, send and received can even be achieved before a child learns how to read or write. The concept of sharing personalized messages, however, is a lesson that carries over into a number of different communication skills your child will need.

One benefit of KIDOZ is the fact that it’s utilizing web tools in a format designed for children gives them access to the cultural and technological staples they will encounter and need later on in life. Additionally, the context in which KIDOZ places the web makes it safe and reasonable for parents wanting to expose their children to the world without having to worry about the bulk of the negative affects it may have on their development and maturity.

With more and more mainstream companies recognizing the need to introduce technology to children in a safe format and environment, businesses like KIDOZ are helping to forge new paths for others to provide additional mechanisms towards child development. One great thing about current trends is the fact that technology designed for children is now being better integrated with the technology we use as adults. This gives parents the benefit of being able to retain their own adult experiences and not have to completely shift their entire lives to live through the eyes of their children.

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