KZO Innovations Announces New Features to its Business Video Suite


KZO helps you meet the changing needs of your organization while improving business collaboration

The KZO Business Video Suite provides users with a simple way to create, share and socialize high quality videos with their audience.  Known for being innovators in on-line video technology and the practical application of it for more than 15 years, the company has been leading the way in the business of social collaboration software for business video and provides services for fortune 500 companies and government agencies such as the U.S. Air Force.

The virtual studio makes recording live presentations cost-effective and timely.  Increasing communication opportunities without increasing budgets, it enables easy video updates to existing presentations and allows the user to make edits online or offline in order to avoid potential bandwidth issues.

This ability to overcome bandwidth challenges also provides offline options for viewing the videos in addition to streaming and dynamic buffering.  Viewers can do this by downloading the interactive video player to their local drive, sync their chosen videos, and disconnect from the network to view the material as well as the collaborative feedback from other viewers.

Building on the success of the Video Suite, KVO Innovations has announced the release of feature enhancements, making the process even more user-friendly.  One new feature that is great for administrators is that they now have the option to review and approve presentations before the content is available to other viewers.

Real-time tagging has also been added and customers watching a live streaming video will see comments and responses in real-time.  Future on-demand viewers will also be able to see these discussions as they are now archived.  If content owners would rather have the option to review and approve view comments before comments are posted publicly, tag moderation is also now available.

If you’re interested in the KZO Business Video Suite, you can create a free KZO account by signing up here and get 30 minutes of free video hosting.

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