Lansons Intermarket: Scaling the Heights

Founded in 1986, Lansons Intermarket has a client roster including a diverse clientele of firms around the globe. The firm’s recent rebranding follows its acquisition by leading reputation management firm Lansons. Based in New York, the strategic communications firm’s rebranding heralds a new phase of transatlantic partnerships with UK-based Lansons. The leading public relations and marketing services firm provides PR services in the global financial service space. More recently, though, its client portfolio has grown to include firms in education and technology.

The recent rebranding exercise places Lansons Intermarket in a superior position to assist organizations in managing their reputation and navigate turbulent periods of change.

So, what benefits did Lansons Intermarket draw from acquisition and rebranding exercise?

Benefits drawn by Lansons Intermarket

#1. International Consultancy Status

The establishment of Lansons intermarketing improves the agency’s ability to serve clients in New York and London. Since many clients seek internationally-based consultancies, the agency’s presence in the world’s largest communication markets opens doors for long-term growth.

At the same time, London and New York are two synergistic parts in an important communications hub. Therefore, the rebranding of Lansons intermarketing positions the agency to take advantage of considerable opportunities therein.

#2. More resources

Combined, Lansons and Intermarket rake in close to $17 million per year. Lansons is a member of the Global Communication Partners (GCP) and international networks PROI Worldwide. Hence, Lanson’s input to the newly-branded Lansons Intermarket will bring about an improvement in the firm’s strategic advice and global expertise.

Service offered by Lansons Intermarket

The recently-formed firm, Lansons Intermarket, has a long list of PR and marketing services on offer. Key service offered by Lansons Intermarket include:

#1. Media Relations

Lansons Intermarket customizes each client’s communication strategy and pitch to reach the right journalists and editors. Through its media-relations efforts, Lansons Intermarket has achieved some great results in print, TV outlets and online coverage.

#2.Corporate and Product Launches

With expertise in the financial services sector, Lanson Intermarket employs specialized knowledge to assist firms in adapting to dynamic markets, while reinforcing their core strengths. Through efficient planning and execution of corporate and product launches, Lanson Intermarkets succeeds in generating visibility to a target audience.

#3.Crisis Communications

With decades of expertise, Lanson Intermarket helps firms identify potential issues before a crisis comes knocking. When a crisis does come, the PR agency assesses the situation rapidly and develops suitable messaging. The agency continually assesses and advises companies on the post-crisis effects on their reputation.

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