LGA New Agency of Record For BB&T

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Luquire George Andrews is now the brand agency of record for BB&T Corporation, a financial holding company that stands as the tenth largest in the nation. Luquire George Andrews (LGA) will be responsible for everything to do with promoting the brand for BB&T. This includes planning promo strategies, arranging for print and broadcast announcements and other advertising tasks.

“The opportunity to represent a brand that has a 137-year history of excellence carries a great deal of responsibility,” said Steve Luquire, founder, partner and CEO of LGA. “BB&T is one of America’s top financial institutions and an organization built on character. We are extremely proud to have been selected.”

With over 1,800 financial centers throughout the country and more than 30 thousand employees, BB&T provides banking and financial services. They are a large organization, but LGA has the experience to take on the task of promotion and increasing brand recognition. Luquire George Andrews has worked with a number of large firms in the area, but also with Fortune 500 companies around the world, cementing their reputation as a PR firm.

It took 8 months for BB&T to review PR firms and finally come to choose LGA. Their search was thorough and they are pleased to have chosen the right agency for their needs.

“Based on the strategic platform they presented to us, it’s clear that LGA understands who we are, where we can go and our brand’s current value. In the coming year, I’m confident that they will assist us in getting to the next level by communicating our strengths to attract even more clients.” said Jon Bass, Director of Retail and Commercial Marketing Strategy for BB&T.

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