Long Island City Partnership Seeks Branding Firm

Long Island City Partnership Seeks Branding Firm

The Long Island City Partnership (“LICP”) seeks a branding strategy firm with significant experience in developing creative brand identities, logos, and marketing strategies for neighborhoods. The Consultant will be asked to work with a group of local businesses and stakeholders (the “Working Group”) to identify a comprehensive brand identity and branding strategy (“the Project”), which succinctly encapsulates the dynamic vitality and growth of a geographic sub-district of Long Island City (“LIC”). This area is generally defined as the industrial zoned area southeast of the Sunnyside Yard (the “District”). The Project will assist employers, workers, students, and visitors, as well as the general public, in locating this sub-district and understanding the wealth of activity occurring within it.


Since 1979, Long Island City Partnership has served as the local development corporation for LIC. LICP’s mission is dedicated to advocating for economic development that benefits LIC’s industrial, commercial, cultural, and residential sectors. Its goals are to attract new businesses to LIC, retain those already in the community, welcome new residents and visitors, and promote a vibrant, diverse, authentic, mixed-use community. LICP also operates the LIC Business Improvement District (“LIC BID”) and the LIC Industrial

Business Zone (“LIC IBZ”), providing business services and assistance. See more about the LIC IBZ in

Section 2: Context.

LICP is a vital resource to existing and new businesses and as part of its mission hosts over a dozen networking and educational events in and for the community (e.g., neighborhood planning summits, small business trade shows, seminars on financial resources, community festivals, real estate roundtables). LICP acts as the central source of information about the larger LIC community (see www.licqns.com). In addition, LICP provides a variety of business services such as connections to government programs and facilitating financing, technical assistance to small businesses, troubleshooting, and acting as a liaison between corporations in the community and local residents, job seekers, and small business vendors/contractors.

Scope of Work:

Task One: Existing Conditions and Data Collection

The Consultant shall become intimately familiar with the District and meet with project stakeholders to develop a complete understanding of the existing uses and activity occurring within the District. The Consultant shall review all existing data provided by LICP and gather basic historical data regarding the District’s history, however, significant resources on studying its past will not be required.

Two: Conceptual Names and Brands

The Consultant shall develop a range of names and quick sketches of logo options that reflect the new and innovative spirit of the District. These options should be compatible with the current brand identity for the greater LIC neighborhood. Based on feedback and direction from LICP and a small number of representatives of the Working Group, the Consultant shall develop no more than five (5) potential identity names and conceptual graphic sketches to bring before the full Working Group.

Task Three: Schematic Designs

Upon approval from LICP, the Consultant shall refine no more than three (3) of the brand sketches from Task 3.2, incorporating feedback from LICP and the Working Group. The Consultant shall prepare schematic mock-ups of the brand identity, logos, and marketing graphics in a format that can be distributed to the Working Group. The Consultant shall assist LICP in presenting the schematics to the Working Group and others, including exploring an online poll where the Working Group can vote on the name, identity, and designs.

Task Five: Revisions of Final Design

With direction from LICP, the Consultant shall revise one (1) name, logo, brand guide, and example marketing graphics, incorporating feedback from LICP and the Working Group. The Consultant will present the materials to the full Working Group for comments prior to finalizing the name, logo, and branding strategy.

Task Six:  Final Work Product

The Consultant shall provide to LICP complete files that can be edited and in Ai, TIF, JPG, and PDF format of all logos, marketing, and brand designs and guidelines, with any non-standard fonts provided in downloadable format.  This shall include finalized logos for the District and a brand guide outlining its use in print and digital materials.

Due Date:

November 28


Long Island City Partnership
Elizabeth Lusskin, President
27-01 Queens Plaza North, 9th Fl.
Long Island City, NY 11101

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