Market Research RFP Issued by Canada

Public Works and Government Services Canada 


Public Services and Procurement Canada require information on the negotiated/contract rents and expenses being paid by the private sector for properties located in the four provinces of Atlantic Canada. This information is required in support of rental rates assigned to properties leased or owned by the Government of Canada. MSR/SARs have proven themselves to be an excellent means of gathering this information.

Scope of Work:

MSR/SAR To fulfill this requirement, thirty-six (36) MSR/SARs are now required for Atlantic Canada in accordance with the specific instructions outlined below. The requested format and instructions below represent a hybrid of a MSR and an SAR as defined in the attached 1B5 guidelines. As such, the report has been stated as a MSR/SAR within this request. Each of the surveys will require an Executive Summary, the contents of which will be described later in this Terms of Reference. 1. Locations – Six (6) 

i. Greater St. John’s – Mount Pearl Area, Newfoundland

ii. Greater Moncton – Dieppe – Riverview Area, New Brunswick

iii. Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia

iv. Greater Fredericton, New Brunswick

v. Greater Saint John Area, New Brunswick

vi. Greater Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

5B. Market Information for the MSR/SARs 

1. General overview of the community. 

2. General description of the overall market and each major sub-market.

3. Market conditions and factors that are, or may in the future, influence demand or rental rates within the overall market and each major sub-market. This data must be up to date for each delivery period, inclusive of pipeline projects and anticipated changes in market supply. 

4. Vacancy rates and expected short and long term trends and projections within the overall market and within each major sub-market by building classification.

5. Rate analysis by building classification broken down by net rent, taxes and operating costs and expected short and long term trends and projections within the overall market and within each major sub-market by building classification.

6. Absorption rates and trends including planned or expected deletions from and additions to the inventory within the overall market, by each major sub-market.

7. Estimated market ranges for any expense items which may occasionally be paid directly by tenants (i.e. electricity, cleaning, HVAC, etc…)

5C. Executive Summary for each MSR/SAR An Executive Summary, located at the beginning of each report section, summarizing the foregoing market data. The intent of this is to provide the reader with a quick reference guide to rental and expense rate ranges for associated leased units, broken into size categories and geographic sub-markets.


1. One (1) PDF copy of each report is required. 

2. Locations that are under 500 rentable square metres, and those offering space that cannot reasonably meet federal occupancy standards, can be excluded from the inventory surveyed. In this regard, office space must be of good overall quality, air conditioned and, if located on other than the ground floor, have elevator services.

3. The department does not require copyright provisions for the reports.

4. All measurements are to be stated in Metric.

Due Date:

January 29 


Bid Receiving Public Works and Government Services Canada / Reception des soumissions Travaux publics et services gouvernementaux 1713 Bedford Row Halifax, NS B3J 1T3

Relevant agencies include Makovsky PR and KCSA PR.

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